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money - banking

102 years US Federal Reserve are enough of exploitation and control of money

On December 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve was "founded" - against much resistance. The Fed is still controversial and should be abolished!

fed - federal reserve bank logo

"I believe that banking institutions constitute a greater threat to our liberties than standing armies," said Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. This explains why the United States, were a central bank until 100 years ago, and so much later than other developed countries. Even today, right supporters of the tea party movement and left protesters of "Occupy Wall Street" to agree on the slogan "End the Fed" - "Take the Federal Reserve."
As the Democratic President Woodrow Wilson on 23 December 1913 at the White House signed the "Federal Reserve Act", nobody could imagine that he had laid the foundation for one of the most powerful institutions in the world. The fact that the Fed could even be founded, was the result of the financial crisis of 1907, one of the worst that America had experienced until then. On November 22, 1907, the Financial Trust Knickerbocker had collapsed in New York. The bankruptcy triggered a panic that threatened to capture the entire financial system. Given the risk brought the then powerful man on Wall Street, John Pierpont Morgan, his Mitbanker to pump money into the system and to create trust. But most financiers was clear that in the future on a J. P. Morgan would not be able to leave. It took a "lender of last resort", an institution that was ready as an emergency lender .....

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Money crash in October 2015! - Why the monetary system collapses!

Money news: stock market crash in October 2015 central banks impose quarantine on Greece, Euro Saviour and Troika fear of their own lie!

The attempts of the Euro-rescuers, the consequences of a Greek bankruptcy small talk, no longer caught first time in months that interest rates on government bonds between southern and northern Europe diverge again. This means that a crash in Greece would have consequences throughout Europe. In the Euro-rescuers, a queasy feeling is spreading. So far, the Euro-rescuers have the Greek crisis described as manageable. But in fact, no one knows what consequences a euro exit of Greece will have. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble therefore working on a plan on how to keep Greece in spite of a sovereign default in the euro. In addition to the always gloomy politicians incantations also show the facts that the Greek disaster could become an uncontrollable event.

The central banks of South-East Europe and Turkey, the Greek banks set to "quarantine". The central banks are asking the daughters of Greek banks to divest Greek government bonds, other securities and loans. The measure indicates that the central banks are preparing specifically to the crash in Greece. The EU is Greece an ultimatum again ..... The money system is finished and what to expect and why in the following thread ....

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Money for ALL - Bundesbank is on - ECB prints euros what the Maschienen create!

Central Bundesbank chief Weidmann agrees:

ECB will print 1,000 billion euros ...

Bills for ALL ... save the euro and make it flat. We print as the FED what we need !! Now comes the never ending story to the banking system in a new act of performance!

flying money

The Bundesbank has to give up their opposition to the new ECB money flood: The Governing Council has adopted a formula on Thursday, can be printed according to the 1,000 billion euros of new money. The purchase of government bonds by the ECB seems to be on the plan in 2015. Mario Draghi, on the way to a new ECB press conference on Thursday, the euro-zone results in a completely unknown future. After the interest rate of 0.05% and a first negative interest rate for deposits of bankers going into the next battle: A trillion euros (1.000 billion) is to be created from nothing. Let us deepen the value of the euro and something we lower it to $ 1.00 one way or another, one could see the future for the Euro. After pronouncements in the late summer of the euro probably lose up to 30% is even now known as the way you want to reach the .....

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How do banks money!


How banks create money out of NOTHING!

Take the example in the picture. You go to a bank which gives you a loan. This bank needs itself only 2% of the loan amount for you to pay off a loan. This means that if you € 100, - will get the bank actually ONLY 2, - must have €. If you are the credit on your account to get the bank is already through with it because you get no cash for the time being, which is also not available. For these 100, - now € credit you pay 10 euro interest rates which are also not available as cash. (The bank had ONLY 2 EURO) how this works right here very easy and understandable described: ....

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Money Savings-Life Insurance-interest-ADE ... The lie of Money

Wie wir langsam aber sicher unsere Sparguthaben , Lebensversicherungen, und die Altersvorsorge verlieren!

Die genossenschaftliche Deutsche Skatbank hatt ein Tabu gebrochen. Das thüringische Geldinstitut verlangt seit Samstag für Tagesgelder von über mehr als 500.000 Euro einen Strafzins von 0,25 Prozent, sieht davon aber Privatkunden kaum betroffen. Aber werden bald Privatkunden mit Strafzinsen belastet? Ganz unmöglich scheint dies nicht, denn bei der Bundesbank wird man unruhig.  Die Skatbank ist eine Direktbank-Tochter der Volks- und Raiffeisenbank Altenburger Land und hat nach eigenen Angaben rund 15.000 Kunden. geld-unterm-kopfkissen

Nach Angaben des Internetportals Verivox mussten vor einigen Wochen bereits manche Unternehmen in Deutschland solche Strafzinsen auf Guthaben zahlen. Nun komme diese Entwicklung auch bei Privatkunden an. Bisher sei dies aber nur von der Skatbank bekannt. Durchschnittssparer seien nicht betroffen, erläuterte Verivox-Geschäftsführer Ingo Weber. "Aber es ist nicht auszuschließen, dass andere Geldinstitute, nach der Skatbank, nun folgen." ....

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The clock is ticking - savers are expropriated

Expropriation of German savers ... How the Germans broke save YOUR money.Sparschwein kaputt

Save was once a virtue. Today savers mostly look stupid from the laundry: Because of the Mini-interest rates and inflation loses money every month in value. This explains why the Germans must redirect. The clock is ticking: On Thursday, 05/06/2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) will go an unprecedented step in the opinion of almost all observers. It will reduce the interest rate from the current 0.25 Prozentauf up to 0.1 percent ....

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Financial crash in 2014? and the lie of inflation

How to lose all the savers and we are not informed and lied to by all on the situation of cash and banks!

geldcrash und inflationslüge

A specter is haunting called deflation. Inflation is supposedly at around 1%. The official inflation rate is entirely correct; but it just does not say anything about the true inflation, because this is much higher. The fake through trickery and propaganda inflation has many effects on our lives.

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Money and monetary system crash and what happens 2014 - 2015?

Here is a very beautiful film about the love of money ..... easy and intuitive

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