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idea for europe

Wake Up Challenge 2.0

Wake Up Challenge 2.0 from 15 October 2014 

 I'm on for a large joint action !!! It depends on the precisely many people are reached to clarify this. Because only the person you would like to understand what's going on will understand this action and continue to share enlighten others. wake up challenge  wake up challenge

What do you think ?? It should not be violent ... but are nevertheless observed. We need YOU to each and more people's attention, to achieve the current situation in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. We want people awaken and draw your attention to several issues. Therefore, 15 days and still another action that is easy to make. We will be more every day ..... the movement and the action is grow it will form, not in a day, but they will form a mass. it depends on each single from how everyone making in the Wake Up Challenge and further contributes. 

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Wake Up Challenge Wake Up Challenge for Peace in the world!

This action seeks to draw attention to the current situation in the

wake up challenge

world. We live in times where peace and Freiwake are up challenge safety at risk as well as human rights and a life NOT be taken or mean nothing. In a world of money only profit and growth is important and makes this interest before the people and their needs not being or stop. . . WE ARE CLOSE TO A WORLD WAR 3. . . and the want TOGETHER WE PREVENT ......

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Europe 2.0 life without money and without NATO.

Europa 2.0An idea of the new Europe ...

The combined life without money in peaceful conditions

<pLet's call it the Europe after the peaceful revolution. No one knows what exactly is after the election, on 25 May 2014 aremein Blick in die Zukunft but contracts as TTIP, TISA and some other things that WE EUROPEANS DO NOT want to definitely come. Who needs it and what if ......... I imagine a life without money, banks, and especially WITHOUT NATO ago. There must be a way to give this idea into reality, to bring, because who wants to live this way or even worse on.

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