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The FEAR of peace demos

Hello I think I must go take a few thoughts together and share Following the reports of N24 this morning (Merkel booing separatists from) I've been thinking how to such

mahnwache für den frieden in berlin

Statements comes, what is the reason why one titled Peace demos using words like anti-Semitic fascist .. .. .. new right esoteric and pro-Russian? I think the answer is quite simple and the direction in which the whole is clear ......


Die Antwort ist "The answer is "fear" and the direction " confrontation" Now some will say the same that's for sure .. We are so many .. The are afraid of the crowd .. that's for sure only partly true . You have but fear not walk in front of people who just are on the road , because the , not so many are basically currently .. but accompanied before the spirit of it . ( All together for peace ! ) Form and the many small groups ( over 60 cities to participate interred time ) the spirit behind it all is therefore bad because it is neutral .. ie : . everyone can address is dissatisfied and that many are not so much lies on the road but in the population and that is where the problem .. The government is clearly the missing is a spark of all can bring to the barricades .. the silent rage on the internet .. can bring to the work stations and offices to boil over in the restaurants .. .. Just DAS it is before they fear have . If the man-weeks you have created something that it never was before so " contact points " .. contact points that grow visible to everyone in more and more cities .. a virus that slowly spreads over the whole of Germany .. even on the boundaries .. said spark show up .. in the form of an intermediate case such as war .. unpopular new laws , etc you are to fill in with these services provide a flash capable of roads comfortable and the rulers stand overnight before a huge problem .

Must see the video ..... but we all know somewhere ..?

This brings me then also to the reason you could then also tried to prove this movement ( in its infancy ) with such dangerous terms such as those mentioned above. Who of them will still sleep tonight wondering because if the government is forced loszugehen alternative to anti-Semites new rights Prorussen or separatists ? I think the question should letze the behavior and explain everything what is currently happening in connection with the vigils ..

For all those who today still upset that so many are still sleeping .. in the system run along and do not want to remember what happened . I would like to say that the already exploited their anger at the end is the greatest rage she comes on the day when they open their eyes and see what they have always known and did not want to admit it .. that they just lied .. .. has pitted against each other and tell them .. and everything about what they believed times ..

Back when they were still asleep ....

(Thoughts quickly typed in the keys .. Who found this error may retain )