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Putin speaks your language to the world --- The aggression and war come from the West!

The West, led by the US, has aimed at the destruction of Russia. The western mainstream: Putin's fault!

Since the statement's George Friedman, US geo-strategy, which he held at the "The Chicago Council on Global Affairs" on February 4, 2015, Chicago (USA), we reported here:

++ EILT ++ Jetzt wird es Ernst!!! Wacht endlich AUF !!! Russland und Deutschland auf dem Highway zum Krieg 

We know that it is true that it is actually the West, especially the United States, who are not interested in a merger of Russia and Germany and all do about it so that it is prevented. Now we know officially for 100 years, the geopolitics of the United States, the target for Europe was to prevent unity and cooperation between Russia and Germany. Officially and without shame is talk of the people were involved in both wars to pursue this goal. Now this press conference was held in Moscow, with President Putin, on December 18, 2014., shortly before the statements Friedmans but the question of the BBC, even at this time, leaves no doubt Putin's fault!
Putin zwinkert Dir zu

Our media was after this press conference again very open attitude which one takes to Russia. So wrote Markus Sambale, from the ARD radio studio in Moscow following:
"A radiant appearance is different. And one with new ideas fortiori, Markus Sambale thinks the big press conference by Putin. Still could be the Russian president to make known slogans. But enough patriotism alone?"
But even better, making it the BBC on site. John Simpson of the BBC, the spiritual father of the most embarrassing question on this press conference, said the following ....


Western countries are now almost uniform opinion that now there is a new Cold War and that above all you have launched this war to life on your decision point.
Almost daily we see how Russian fighter jets fly dangerous maneuver towards western airspace. And this is in response to your command, you decide as commander in chief.
And the Russian troops on your command, to sit on the sovereign state (Ukraine), first to the Crimea and then in the eastern Ukraine.
Now you get big problems with the Russian currency and you will now help, understanding and support need from abroad. Also from the west.
So, can I ask you now, and you can now take advantage of the opportunity to tell the people in the West, that you have no desire to lead the new Cold War. And you are all sorts of things to do to solve the problems in Ukraine.

The reaction and the answer to this, in my opinion probably inappropriate, but justified from a Western perspective and propaganda about your looks better to you in the original in the video. A video which clearly illustrates the situation in Europe, and the plans of NATO and track the USA and for me no question leaves open WHO for here WEN provoked.

Another very important issue in this press conference was addressed by President Putin. The issue of reunification and the related 2 + 4 Treaty. What many do not know, but a entscheidener point is that ever meant was, there was a German reunification, which the former USSR, the Western Allies gave their occupation zone, the GDR back. The condition is tied, the part of the USSR, it comes to no further NATO enlargement to the East.
The story, as seen in the graph, did not abide by NATO and allied to it. On the contrary, there was an extreme widening towards Russia to the east. Currently we tried a lot of money and weapons to force Ukraine to the European violence to there then install NATO bases. Closer and closer to the Russian borders.



What a question yes or no EU accession began in Ukraine may end in 3 World War in Europe. If you look at how the eastward expansion in 2015 looks like it's finally arrived with Ukraine on the borders of Russia once more.
Addressing the western states he advised the warning to refrain in Ukraine. Russia's position on Ukraine should show to partners that they should stop the construction of a new wall, Putin said. He renewed the demand that the crisis should be resolved as quickly as possible by political means.
The Ukrainian government seeks closer ties with the European Union, which is rejected by pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country. In addition, the Kiev government wants that Ukraine will be included in NATO. The West accuses Russia of supporting the separatist militarily and thus destabilize the country.


The current stay of NATO forces and the US Army in Germany is as prohibited by the 2 + 4 Treaty as it was NATO eastward expansion. If one keeps it? No !! The US Army even takes a big promotional tour for your war by some Eastern European countries to demonstrate WE protect Eastern Europe. All along the NATO border with Russia. The ever-shaking is you end up with the tour "Dragoon Ride" just in Germany. Also not understand the people who beckon by the roadside the war bringer US and they are called welcome. There was also resistance like. in the Czech Republic and Germany. But had the German example understood what had actually runs Germany blocked the border and Amy sent straight home .... AMY GO HOME should have read it but except for some few activists in Germany was unfortunately no resistance expected. Beer, resin 4 and the TV run ....
The aim of the transatlantic controlled, German propaganda media defamation and demonization of Russia as an anti-democratic police and criminal state. Examples of methods of propaganda we have documented masse here in the blog. That it does not have the agitators of ARD and ZDF this simple and here again the need to mainstream propaganda correspond showed herself once again at the annual press conference of the Russian president, who was about 1,200 journalists from home and abroad three and a half hours answers to their questions ,
The ARD with Markus Sambale, from the ARD radio studio in Moscow have really sleep again listened to convey it to the audience accordingly. Ye have cutouts in the video seen what is your opinion about such a contribution after the press conference in the ARD:
Markus Sambale, ARD Radio Studio Moscow
Eyes shut and go for it? A radiant appearance is different. What the Russian president announced - in the midst of the worst crisis in Russia for 15 years - these were the only known slogans.
New ideas: None. Some in the industry, it may reassure them that comparatively liberal heads as Premier Dmitry Medvedev and central bank chief Elvira Nabiullina got back cover. And that Putin refused to greater government regulation of the economy.
Putin is worried about his power
But the Russians have fallen on hard times, the ruble will continue to tumble - prices, poverty and unemployment are likely to rise. The blame Putin looks especially abroad, otherwise he has no real concept. Russia must free itself from its dependence on oil and gas, which he preaches a long time. So far without success. Because of economic liberalization could indeed a political follow. But to prevent Putin - out of concern for their own power.
In another impasse Putin infected with Ukraine's politics: He attacked as usual the West, especially the United States. After all, he gave up the battle cry "New Russia" with which the separatists emphasize their independence. And he spoke of the unity of Ukraine, which had to be preserved.
So Putin pours no additional fuel to the fire - a signal that he currently does not want to exacerbate the conflict with Ukraine and the West. That would be a trouble spot too much. A concession, even a solution is not.
If US and European Union but right now impose new sanctions, then that is dangerous. This could strengthen Putin at the end when he needs arguments for his thesis that the West would force Russia at any price in the knee. That the President to pressure changes course from the outside, no one should expect continued. Rather, he would go down with his country.
Putin closes out with a remarkable statement: A palace coup there would not be in Moscow, he said. Because you've finally no palaces. The Russians know better, in which the powerful villas live here. Most have their president such sayings still go through.
Match on hard times
Two years would take perhaps the crisis, Putin said. Nor can justify "Strong Russia" many hardships with the patriotic project. Still, the majority of Russians are satisfied.

Here, the original audio sound of the ARD article:

None of the relevant issues will be addressed none of the real information told Putin the world. The ARD informed as in a school radio the most important information is not a bag of rice has fallen in China now.
It is important to recognize that Putin may NOT DEBT love is German. The mainstream is lying to you pockets full and manipulate you in the direction of war against Russia the aggressor. Wake up and see what's going on. WHO is because the provocateur ??? PUTIN ??? the RUSSIAN ???

niemals wieder Krieg zwischen Russen und Deutschen

Another interesting video on the subject found in the public media. Mr. Röttgen threatens Putin with Freiheitsbazillus while the ZDF-Studio is occupied by the US military. Excerpts from the ZDF talk show "Maybrit Illner" with the theme "Putin, NATO, Greece - Who divides Europe?" 9 April 2015th