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Perfect world of illusion - Manipulation - Beauty - wealth - Gender delusion - the matrix and DU

How you say something to make you eat and have to wear ... The illusion in your matrix world.

The Egyptian queen Nefertiti was known in her time as the most beautiful woman in the world. Its name is translated as "the beautiful one has come" - admired today matrix world 2014Visitors awesome her bust in the museum. What is the secret of this beautiful woman? An absolute symmetry and harmony of her features, high, curved eyebrows, a thin nose, full lips with a perfect ratio between upper and lower lips, high cheekbones and large, symmetrical eyes.

In the quest for status, the Germans look more on things that you can buy with money. For particularly desirable they see about having money for themselves, to be physically fit and beautiful, or to be a superstar. Rich and famous ... of all desires and envy. How to do that, that all have this desire and do everything we show you here in the article ....

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"That's it well" .... peaceful revolution in the GDR ... at that time we were still awake!

We are the people - as on 9 11 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and a new world was created

In the fall of 1989, GDR citizens gather and demonstrate peacefully against slavery, spying and state repression. You go on the road to self-determination, freedom of expression and freedom of travel .... until 9 November 1989 when everything was different:

reisegesetz artikel 10 Nove,ber 89

End of October 1989 had already fundamentally changed by the reform policy of the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev not only the prevailing political views of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), but also of the media in the GDR. The mass exodus of GDR citizens and citizens in the West, a new opposition movement and Monday Demonstrations were the East German government under pressure. Correspondent reported in 1989 by open demonstrations and rallies, informed about the travel arrangements and the economic crisis in the GDR. 
In the fall of 1989, the Revolution captured the whole country. Not only in Leipzig and Berlin, people demonstrate against the state and its interests. Already on 1 September 1989, the World Day of Peace, people go in the small towns Neuruppin (north of Berlin) and forestry (in Cottbus) on the road. Especially young people are demanding the opening of the borders ......

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Fictional diseases the doctor prescribes the death

Fictional diseases --- the pharmaceutical industry you plfegt too many drug-lead-to-death death!

viele medikamente-fuehren-zum-tod

If not everything in your life works perfectly, you do not in any situation, all the time ready to have a hard penis, for example, not all 10 hinbekommst an erection min, are you SICK ... YOU need medicine. Games with the anxiety of the people to death, or make them inferior to others, they are depressed or have erection problems. Tell the people what you have and need and what they need ..... then they will believe it and buy MEDICINE order to save himself. The child in the school which may somewhat impatient lived through the lesson hour is SICK it has ADHD ..... it MUST take medicine, it is DEATH SICK ....

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Happiness in the eye of the beholder

A seat by the window

Ausblick in den Garten vor dem Haus
Two men, both seriously ill, were in the same hospital room. The one was allowed to sit up every day in his bed for an hour to drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was right by the window. The other man had to spend the day lying flat on his back. The men talked for hours without end. They spoke of their wives, their families, their jobs, what they had done during their military service and where they were in their holidays.

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Now the EU wants to control even your front yard!

A healthy, balanced diet with fresh vegetables that once was?

Vitamine, Mineralien und Ballaststoffe sowie bioaktive Substanzen, die dafür sorgen,


that the body is well taken care of. But with the constant press releases on pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, many consumers are confused, deservedly so. You want healthy and enjoy life while to make sure peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and Co. are not loaded. The planned introduction of genetically engineered food makes the step actually even easier .... if there may not be some bans would be, is just about the secret, TTIP free trade agreements, advise ..... The peaceful revolution .... your own garden ... .

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