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Constitutional Assembly in the USA

Constitutional Assembly in the U.S. - to inform Secret battle without the public !

Very strange: An unprecedented development in the United States , and no pig reported. There is a law in the United States , that a Constituent Assembly provides , if two-thirds of the states covet . And that is happening now . What should there be decided ? And why is it not reported ? The Diet of the U.S. state of Michigan has selected in early April as 34ster State in a meeting and adopted a resolution , which also calls for a Michigan Constitutional Assembly of the United States. In Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution is that if two-thirds of states require such a meeting , it MUST take place . In such a Constituent Assembly , the entire Constitution for grabs . There is nothing that is as inviolable.


It may even be abolished as a whole the U.S. Constitution ! This would even allow the states , the entire federal government (Washington) to dismantle - without them being able to challenge or would have to resign first. You would simply be removed from office . Also, contracts signed , the federal government can be declared null and void. Even a withdrawal from NATO is possible. Many Americans - and many (naive ) MPs are actually the opinion that one should not shed American blood to clean up the problems of other countries in the world .

Washington DC

Apart from the fact that most people in the world would welcome that very much, that would be the end of all geopolitical power games of the puppet masters behind the U.S. puppet government. The states can reject even the liability for all debts that has made the Federal Government! With the decision of the Parliament of Michigan , the condition for the holding of a Constituent Assembly is now given . This has never happened in the history of the United States. Thus , the States , the Constitution now change , without anyone that can still prevent . At least not by legal means.
The states can bring about profound changes in this way - the Congress can not to this extent . The Constitution provides two ways to additions or changes to the Constitution in Article 5 . One consists of a two-thirds majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Thereafter, the amendment ( "amendment " ) is sent to all the states for ratification.
This has been handled in all 27 constitutional amendments so . The founding fathers but - as mentioned - a second way to change , or even to abolish the Constitution , written into that states that if two-thirds of the diets of the states require a meeting of the Congress must convene a meeting to propose constitutional amendments . Duncan Hunter , a Republican from California made immediately after the decision from Michigan pressure on John Boehner , the speaker of the " House of Representatives " , he must now adopt a position that the choice Michigan had caused the two-thirds majority to convene the Constitutional Assembly . Hunter heard , as well as the members of the Michigan State Parliament to those who wish to establish a duty to a balanced budget in the Constitution. And something just goes through a Constituent Assembly . The eternal tug of war over debt ceiling and constant bickering about whether the United States now are bankrupt or raise the debt ceiling again , now is already in the sounsovielte round. Obviously one wants to force on the part of conservatives , the federal government in this way to brutal savings - with unpredictable consequences for the United States.
Air is also a control and audit the Federal Reserve. The unlimited creation of money out of the air has devalued the dollar since the founding of the Fed by 98%. Lose the ability to constantly purchasing power , at the age threaten the Americans poverty and loss of savings. The motion to print government money has gained enormous followers , and a gold cover is regarded by many as a return to the good old golden time . The last person who had it printed government money was John F. Kennedy, who has , however, did not survive . The escalating social costs are many U.S. citizens an eyesore . Whole generations of welfare recipients live in many families. Especially among the conservatives there are in the States in armor advocate the dismantling of social services. This Constituent Assembly could be pure dynamite . Yet nothing is reported . Instead, he was dragged around behind the scenes in the states of the deputies " herumzukriegen " to draw the demand for the meeting back . Some diets have already done that , but then again called for the meeting.
Apparently, the mainstream media are held not to report to not be fire . They want to wait probably from the government if you still can not kill by revoking some states, the demand for the Constituent Assembly . Apparently , the Constituent Assembly is sooner or later " due" . There is a rumbling huge. Too many disgruntled states , too many angry citizens , too many poor and unemployed , too much debt , too much regulation by the federal government. Should the federal government react harshly and prevent the Assembly by all means , it may lead to secessions , and individual states could leak from the Union .

Source : Political Ears