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Was the accident by Serena Shim an accident?

What happened to Serena Shim?

The reporter of the Iranian TV channel Press TV, Serena Shim, was interested in the conflict in Kobane on the Turkish-Syrian border. She was there in the work, when, on Sunday from the border town Suruc - wanted to return - on the Turkish side of the Syrian city Kobane. In an accident with a heavy vehicle it came on Sunday killed. serena shim reporterin

A colleague at Press TV reported on Twitter the news of the death of Serena shims .... Well suspected Press TV News Hamid Reza Emadi-chief Turkey to be involved in the case. He would not accept the accident Version:
"We do not buy that," Press TV quoted him as saying. "We believe that the Turkish government must explain to the international community for it. It must be found out what exactly happened. "

 Serena Shim was all 30 years old. The mother of two small children died in a traffic accident yesterday, 24 hours after the Turkish secret service had called spy. Your actual crime: She had IS-fighters who rushed the "brothers" in Syria to help from Turkey, filmed in vans, which were marked with NGO insignia, including the logo of the World Food Programme of the United Nations (World Food Programme - WFP) , However, they reported more - directly from the hard-fought city Kobane: Turkish military consider the entire border region occupied and prevent both humanitarian aid shipments from Turkey to Kobane - as well as any voluntary influx of Kurdish fighters. However: If the IS to help hasten from Turkey - which was passed in the specified vehicles - from the same Turkish military. British media have further reports on the Turkish cooperation with IS: attempted kidnapping of a leading fighter against IS 20 kilometers within Turkey. Guardian reports on "oppression of the Kurds and support the IS" by Turkey.

Even on Friday said Serena Shim, she was accused by the Turkish secret service as a spy. This is presumably because of reports that they have made about possible links between the IS and Turkey. Shim said at the time, they fear being imprisoned.
Shim said before, she was one of the few journalists who write about jihadists that would funneled through the Turkish-Syrian border in the conflict areas. She said she would even get pictures, which show how militants arrive in trucks from NGOs across the border.

Turkey has not officially commented on the allegations on the part of Iran's Press TV.
Shim was an American citizen Lebanese origin. She has worked in Lebanon, in Iraq and in the Ukraine.
This story sounds more credible than the ramblings of our media - and it comes directly from the scene: Serena, US-Lebanese, was a seasoned war reporter. On Friday, October 17, they had live with Press TV, her employer, also reported that the Turkish intelligence had accused of espionage - and said that she was afraid of the consequences for the world's poor reputation in Turkey questions the rights of journalists. Press TV news director Hamid Reza Emadi does not believe in an accident - and calls for explanations of Turkish departments.