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+++ The revolution has begun +++ dockers blocking the road - Calais port and Euro Tunnel locked - PROTEST with consequences !!!

Dockers from Calais in France to block the roads leading to the port and Euro Tunnel! Refugees seize the opportunity it comes to escalation and disabling the port and the Euro tunnel in both sides!

calais proteste fire on street 2015

The transports are that economic growth has slowed down and the profit at risk. For many human rights and human life fall by the wayside or be plans of NATO and EU completely forgotten by military action in the Mediterranean. Coming to months of struggle of the refugees in the neighboring kingdom of England and the attempt by the police to stop the refugees and had to dock workers and truck drivers mastering everything in dangerous situations, the barrel was over now.
In Cailais live about 3000 refugees, near the port in order from there to smuggle to England. During the last few months alone, 19,000 attempts were thwarted by the police and the dockers. The problem is that the truck drivers are increasingly exposed to risk because the refugees are becoming more aggressive in your location. No food and life in the open air and no prospect of a future makes the refugees to a ticking time bomb ...


calais flüchtlinge besteigen einen lkw um nach england zu kommenNow blocked on 06/23/2015 dockers the access roads to the port. According to British media tried numerous refugees in Calais, take advantage of that resulting from the strike chaos for themselves and to climb onto waiting trucks with target Britain. Travellers are advised to complete their doors standing or slow-moving cars. Police used pepper spray and tear gas against the dockers and tried to open the blockage. The protest escalated it to be lit tires and the port shut down completely.

here actuelly picture from protests in Calais first day:

Dozens of protesters blocked the tracks at the entrance to the Euro Channel Tunnel with burning tires. The traffic is banned until further notice on both sides. The police are overwhelmed because they have to take care of two camps. The truck driver reports of violence and attacks when they discovered refugees on their charges and wanted to remove them from their vehicles. The truck drivers face a penalty in England when they are caught in England with refugees up to 10 000 pounds per refugee. The problem is that the truck drivers do not always find the refugees as they arrive, even under the trucks or try in wheel wells to England.
We showed a video of here about 2 weeks ago as refugees open the truck and tried to hide in the charge:

In Euro Tunnel terminal of Calais temporarily demonstrators had reached on the tracks and had ignited tires, said a spokesman for the operator Euro Tunnel. The track was therefore closed on Tuesday afternoon in both directions for rail traffic. The train operator Euro Star said on its Web site, initially, that the train service failures for the rest of the day.

The protesters are the claims to the Euro Tunnel speaker to employees of the ferry operator Myferrylink who operates with vessels of Euro tunnel a service between Dover and Calais. They went on strike on Tuesday to protest with other actions against the sale of two ships to a Danish competitor.
This Euro Tunnel had announced in early June. Background is a decision by the British competition authority CMA: These had complained that Euro Tunnel with three ferries and the train controlling more than half of the traffic between Dover and Calais.
Aid organizations speak of a humanitarian catastrophe. Therefore, often a cat-and-mouse game is to be observed on the access roads to the port and the Euro Tunnel terminal: Once back dam truck, climb refugees on the car - and riot police bring them back down.
The real problem but are we, or rather the EU and NATO the facts why the refugees come here at all:

Refugees with ferry Africa to Europe - The profit of the rich is the revolution of the poor!

We all need to recognize why the situation is as it is and so join us and to change and to make a difference at last !!!