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Not with bombs but with bread makes you peace! Russia opens first refugee camp in Syria!

The Right Way in the refugee issue on-site help! Russia flies aid to Greece and Iran to Syria and opens first tent camp for refugees with kitchen and toilet!

russisches flüchtlingslager in syrien

In order to give the refugees on the spot for a hotel and to contain the flow of refugees to Europe opened the Russian Federation today a refugee camp near the Syrian city of Hama. The camp can accommodate 500 refugees currently - and will be increased to 1000 seats.

Russian specialists of civil protection have been set up and all you need large tents, beds, bed accessories, showers and medical containers to Syria. Countries Bulgaria and Turkey and Ukraine had an overflight ban on Russian aircraft imposed but that did not made it difficult to transport made it impossible! The big field kitchen has been equipped with current resources to supply 50,000 people once complete with cooked food. Even more than 50,000 times disposable crockery and cutlery has been brought from Russia already in place. Everything is ready to come first refugees .....

Russia has decided to help the people in need locally - thus less Syrians to flee to Europe in order to survive. Not with bombs - but with bread you win the hearts, so Russia's signal. Russian aircraft with the accessories for this refugee camp has been prohibited from NATO control states such as Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey in the last days of overflight. Iran and Greece have but allowed the overflights with the Russian humanitarian aid.

Russian cuisine in the middle of the Arabian desert in Syria opened its doors and the first refugees came to the camp, which were built by Russian specialists. The tent camp near the city of Hama is ready to receive 500 guests. For them, there are all the conditions of a relative normal life in a refugee camp .. There are beds, a shower and a kitchen, which has set culinary experimentation, because Arab women are used to cook traditional Russian fare.

The refugee camp is designed for 500 people, but in an emergency tent camp it can accommodate thousands. The camp, which was built by Russian specialists, has already been handed over to the Syrian government, and will in the near future here for people who have lost their homes by the fighting and who were expelled from the territories, kept accommodation food and toilets.

The camp is located in the city of Hama in central Syria, the closest to the combat zone - around 40 kilometers away, lies. The egg is relative safe place prevails in a country where war and terror groups want to seize power. The tent city is 500 square meters and is decorated with 25 residential tents, a dining room, outdoor kitchen, water storage, showers and an electric generator. The refugee camp is already occupied by volunteer humanitarian mission.

"I learned very quickly to take advantage of the Russian field kitchen and learned by Russian recipes to cook." said an Arab woman in the video. At the same time we can with 200 employees and the products supplied, which has brought Russia here, feed all the refugees for at least one month. "About Charity we deliver products that are distributed here by our volunteers, to the refugees to help." says a volunteer of the Syrian Red Crescent Anan Musri.

50,000 sets of disposable tableware, fuel for field kitchens are already present. The warehouse is equipped with electric generators, beds, storage. Everything brought the Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid by air of Iran and Greece. In particular, on September 12, they brought 80 tons of relief supplies to Syria. Tents and food, about 15 tons, for the camp in Hama.

The tent city was opened by the Governor. He is Syrian officials and high-ranking member of the military. He inspected the tents, where was even the linens on the beds of Russian origin. In the tour of the camp, the group also visited the dining room and tried the porridge under Russian recipe. "It tastes very good good," said the Governor when he tried.

The city of Hama receives the stream of refugees from the neighboring province of Idlib. The area is safe, so that thousands of people fleeing that come from here from the forefront of the villages because they are afraid the outbreak of militants of various radical groups.

"We are very grateful to Russia for storage, and it is important that it is not just a tent - it has everything to flee, many refugees to the lives of people who have not only lost at home necessary, but also their belongings in a hurry and have no time to even take clothes .. It offers everything necessary for people now, we place the refugees in schools, but soon the school year begins, and because of this camp can children learn the refugees will be able to live here "-.., says the governor of the province Hama Omar Hassan Khalyaf.

This is the first refugee camp, which was built by Russian specialists. In the past four years more than 4 million people in Syria have become refugees. Most of them went abroad. The men, who were not able or did not want to go abroad in order to not leave their settlements must have now the possibility among the government troops to flee under control.

Again offering Russia ES ON HOW TO HUMANITARIAN AID DOES without man further suffering on the run to mute !!!