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Boycott the Football World Cup YES or NO?

Protests and demonstrations in Brazil 


Six days before the arrival of the Brazilian national team in their training camp in Teresópolis in Rio there is a six boykott wm-cup in Brasil Meter high replica of World Cup Trophy went up in flames. The fire department initially suspected a short circuit in the lighting system of the artwork, which was about 3.5 miles from the training center for the Seleção, Granja Comary constructed. The situation in the World Cup host country remains tense. Demonstrators again protested for better living conditions and fighting against security forces. There were and are numerous arrests and the detainees are brought to undisclosed locations .....


The mayor of the town, Arlei de Oliveira Rosa, on the other hand made on Tuesday unknowns for the fire, the World Cup trophy, responsible and spoke of an "act of vandalism". It'll do everything to get the perpetrators to the track, so this attack on public property not go unpunished. The golden cup had produced two artists of the place for the decoration of the city to receive the national team after local media reports. He weighed around 300 kilograms and was made of glass fiber and metal. The team of coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is next Monday in Teresópolis, about 100 kilometers away from Rio, expected to.

keine Vorfreude auf die WM

About three weeks before the start of the football World Cup in Brazil protesting workers, teachers and bus drivers also have caused traffic chaos in São Paulo. Driver and cashier of urban buses on Tuesday forced the closure of at least eleven Buszentralen. You want more money and reject a recently agreed wage increase by ten percent as inadequate from. The protests should continue on Wednesday.

bus driver strike in Brasil

In São Paulo hosts the opening match of Brazil against Croatia on June 12. On Thursday, around 6,000 members of the union of homeless workers had demonstrated and set barricades of car tires on fire in the economic metropolis. Nationally, about 10,000 people went to the streets.

In São Paulo the World Cup opening match between Brazil will kick off against Croatia on June 12. In South America's largest city also members of the movement of homeless workers (MTST) occupied the center of the construction company Viver. She claims that on an occupied site of their homes are built. In addition, on Tuesday blocked teachers of urban schools, the central Avenida Paulista.

Police unions announce strike

The police unions in nine states announced a strike for Wednesday. You want a higher pay and better working conditions. In April, a police strike in Salvador had had an outbreak of violent crime with 39 deaths resulted. In the northeastern Brazilian city of the German team contests on June 16, their opening game against Portugal.

Four weeks before the World Cup , on 12 May 2014 , it is once again come in the host country Brazil clashes between demonstrators and police . In São Paulo, the security forces used tear gas on Friday and stun grenades against some 50 demonstratorsbrennendes Venezuela one which, according to media reports demonstrated in Guarulhos district for better living conditions. As a police spokeswoman said the demonstrators had pelted the officers with fireworks and damaged several vehicles. Injured but no one was thus .

n Venezuela, the police went considerably harder against demonstrators . There were some deaths came by gunshot wounds died. Others were arrested and have disappeared since and have no contact with family or friends. 

Now here the question arises is it here only to make money WITHOUT consideration of the host country or is it a meet of different events at the same time ? For if we look to other countries, Turkey, Thailand , Malaysia, Germany , even in the States just to name a few, there are also demonstrations and riots with the police and forces of the state. If now the Soccer World Cup boycott or not? What do you think?

festnahmen in venezuelafestnahmen in venezuelafestnahmen von studenten in venezuela

Here a call by Amnesty International Venezuela:

DOCUMENT - FOR MORE INFORMATION : VENEZUELA : MORE PROTESTERS detention risk of torture For more information on UA : 119/14 Index: AMR 53/014/2014 Venezuela Date: May 15, 2014 URGENT ACTION : More arrested protesters at risk of torture ! On May 14 , security forces in Caracas, at least 100 people were involved in the ongoing demonstrations against the government arrested. The arrested students are to be at risk of torture or other ill-treatment and their right to a fair trial is also at risk. According to reports, at least 100 people, including some children and young people were on May 14 , was arrested by the Venezuelan National Guard in Chacao municipality , east of the capital, Caracas, with excessive use of force. Some of them have released after a few hours , including all minors. They were arrested while participating in a student demonstration organized to protest against the detention of 243 people between May 7 and 8 . Student demonstration took place in front of the UNDP office . National Guard attacked media employees who were for the protest , at . According to press reports, four photographers were hit by rubber pellets and attacked three journalists , some of them had injuries. The Ministry of Tourism , in addition to the offices , according to the UNDP report was attacked with stones and Molotov cocktails during the demonstration. A member of the National Guard was injured when he was accidentally from one of the buses that brought the captives taken into custody . As part of ongoing protests in Venezuela, Amnesty International has received dozens of complaints of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners by members of the security forces during the transfer and detention centers , at the time of detention. The safety of the prisoners and the right to a fair trial are in great danger. Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language : The recognition that the state has a duty to act , to maintain public order in a lawful and proportionate way , and reminding the authorities that they respect human rights , use not too much violence against their own people , and ensure that the right to freedom of expression , association and assembly rights are respected ! Calling on the authorities to give the public the whereabouts of all detainees known to ensure that they are protected from torture and other ill-treatment and immediate access to their lawyers, families and receive medical care ! A CALL to either imprison who have committed a recognizable criminal offense or released to give those who are innocent in prison. The right of all persons alleged to have committed an offense to given to a fair trial and to call on the authorities on the basis of statements by the innocence of the detainees proved to have them free. Further, the have note all human rights and ensure the people imprisoned and press staff a defense and to ensure that they can carry out their work without fear of reprisals , the authorities have , as their main role is the reporting on the protests and their monitoring by the National Guard and the violent resolution , and monitoring and reporting on the protests and possible abuses by the National Guard. Call them to be denmSchutz of journalists and APPEALS to 26 JUNE 2014 :

the original can be found here:Document


Brazil is shaken since mid- last year of social protests, which have the high cost of the football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games will be forthcoming criticized. The protesters accuse the government to put a lot of money in prestige projects such as the World Cup and to neglect other important tasks.

nterior Minister Thomas de Maiziere holds the hazard German fans at the soccer World Cup in Brazil for low. While it was stated that Brazil is a country with a high crime rate, said the Minister , who is also responsible for sport, in an interview with the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" . But Brazil will do anything for the safety of players and fans. He was certain that German fans who showed polite and enthusiastic football , would very warmly received by the Brazilians . To support the local forces will Germany " a good handful " send police . Well only one will eventually arrested the Lord has Thomas de Maiziere not mentioned.