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TTIP Free Trade Agreement

TTIP FTA may not come into force!

Already given the nod in the EU Parliament and waved through are now the countries of the TRAIN! We have to stop it must be admitted in no case and or come into force! Here we collected information on the FTA. Free trade agreements Täglicttip stoppenh we will update the information here to keep you on the wirlich to Running .... Have politicians and thousands of German citizens are against the TTIP free trade agreements. If YOU do not know why or what TTIP actually means or check out the videos. like we would be pleased about commentaries because so WE can talk about it together ...

Esteem are also important and must not be forgotten: TISA another secret agreement in the background

{youtube} mg3l7Cx54QM | 600 | 450 | 0 {/ youtube}

{youtube} znlXPFeg5sw | 600 | 450 | 0 {/ youtube}