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++ URGENT ++ Now it's getting serious !!! Watch finally ON !!! Russia and Germany on the highway for war!

Now it is really .... it's serious!

Tomorrow it will be again to shoot German on Russians and Russian on German !!! ONLY because YOU passive stay !!!

Everything that has been said and discussed for a year at various Friedensmahnwachen has been confirmed open by the founder and CEO of Stratfor Mr. George Friedman at a press conference. George Friedman was in February 2015 guest at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and answered in the aftermath of a lecture on the nature and shockingly revealing questions from the audience.

Korridor zwischen Russland und DeutschlandThe views represented since the beginning of Friedensmahnwachen and demonized by the press and have been made in all corners of radicalism confirmed and are not a theory but nothing but the naked truth. It should be avoided at all costs an alliance between Germany and Russia! It may come in any case to a fusion of German and Russian technologies mineral resources! That the testimony of George Friedman. Both countries to bring in a war that optimally Varriante. The facts and the WHY here in the article with original video ......

Currently traveling the US Army a column through Europe. A convoy of the US Army, consisting mainly of infantry fighting vehicles of the type IAV Stryker has to leave on Saturday, March 21 its military base in the Estonian Tapa in order to embark on a promotional tour of six European countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia Czech Republic and Germany.      us-army-dragoon-ride-riga-22-march-2015 The ultimate goal is Vilseck in Bavaria. The promotional tour of the US Army named "Dragoon Ride" (dragoons ride). The goal is Germany, officially the beginning of April. An April Fool No, unfortunately not. According to 2 + 4 Treaty prohibited but who cares if the US on promotional tour comes to the current border between Germany and Russia to clarify, always along the eastern border NATO. With the clear statement we are the "protector" of the Eastern European countries, the convoy rolled through Eastern Europe.

In parallel, another American tanks and other equipment of the US Army are driven by Europe and stationed at various bases and bases. Among other things, in Warsaw where do to protect themselves against the Russians by a media manipulated population even civilian troops mobile. All signs point to the war and even more clearly than ever before !!! According to the statements of the COE and founder of Stratfor, George Friedman, also a deliberate and pre-planned situation in Europe by the United States. But let's start from the beginning.



Who or what is Stratfor and why is the statement by Friedman so important for us?

Stratfor, a company in the US state of Texas, operates a global network of informants and analyzed the geopolitical situation - much like the government foreign intelligence agencies CIA, MI6 or BND. And, at least as regards the source of care, some apparently with intelligence similar methods. About 300,000 customers have subscribed to the fee-based Stratfor newsletter, hoping to exclusive information from crisis countries and wise estimates of policy development. The emails reveal not only private details of customers (ministries, defense companies, banks, universities), but also their orders and concerns. So shall the commander of US Marines have ordered a forecast of the challenges of the coming three years. Coca-Cola has therefore inspections of animal rights activists from Peta. Not everything sounds surprising. In short, one of these think tanks from which one usually reads in the NATO Press and hears nothing, but that is quite influential. Founded in 2010 and in 2012 became the first publicly released by the 5 million hacked emails from Stratfor, in Wikileaks, which shows that the private security services, among others Companies such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies include the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency to its customers. The secret until then acting Stratfor group now began production in February 2015, with the statements by the founder George Friedman officially announced to the public and shocking information as calm and normal to the press gathered there. My opinion for a long time, but now officially pronounced times of the part of the United States, the history books have to be rewritten in some things, if you want to pass on the real events that took place as history.

The simple model of the German mainstream and to determine what you still believe: "The United States is the spread of human rights and democracy and the Russians are evil Anything else is a conspiracy theory.".
To get you and others from the mainstream here the naked truth! Things that our press is not better!

After the conference on the situation of war or peace in Europe Friedman was at the end of a statement - excerpts of which are shown in the bottom befindlichem video and hear. The main characteristic style: The primary objective of US geopolitics had been around for 100 years, so to prevent George Friedman an alliance between Germany and Russia at any price. This is a clear statement that no interpretation.


"So, the primary interest of the United States through the last century through - ie in the First, Second and Cold War - the relations between Germany and Russia have been combined because these two were the only power that could threaten us - and therefore ensure that does not happen. "

We must show respect Friedman that he sometimes just the built-up with a set for 100 years, adamantly held high, cast in bronze principle "Germany shall assume full blame for both World Wars" has swept aside in principle. We need not here to argue about percentages, who is in the wars how much guilt. He has hereby made clear that the United States has a vital interest over and had German and Russians to agitate against each other to prevent the only possible rival for world power. The United States hereby to open their own political interests pursued by the two world wars in Europe - and have thus contributed to the outbreak of this devastating wars. We can see just how they play the same game again in Ukraine crisis.
Another statement is that the United States at the time of the Iran-Iraq war, both sides with weapons and ammunition supplied thus cancel out both states themselves. George Friedman recommends that the Obama administration geopolitics Ronald Reagan has applied - especially in Iraq and Iran.

"He supported both sides of war, so they fight each other, not against us. It was cynical, it was not morally justifiable, but it worked "

Friedman. You currently looking into the Ukraine and wondered what was really going on and who with all his might tried here to install a new government controlled. I would go so far and say that it is also possible that is supplied both sides of the Ukraine also about the hotspot nice to hold on to cook it ultimately push the evil Russians in the shoes, which aims to support the pro-Russian forces.
But I think the most important statement, in my opinion, is that of the "German question". "The Germans have a very complex relationship with the Russians," asserts Friedman. These unknowns he calls the "German question". This has existed since 1871, and is still the biggest problem of the United States. That's why the US government would try for a century, "to prevent German-Russian alliance" such. This done currently with a geopolitical line between the Baltic and the Black Sea, consisting of pro-American countries, which Germany and Russia were geographically and politically separate. "Who can give an answer on it [the German Question] what are going to do in this situation, the German who can tell me how to look for the next 20 years of history," said Friedman. Only a threat, the Americans had no answer. Friedman speaks of a possible German-Russian alliance.

"If German capital and German technology with Russian manpower and resources Russian cooperates, that would be an existential threat to the US"

Friedman. However, Germany's position is uncertain, and therefore the biggest problem !!!!!

"The matter to which we as yet have no answer, says: What will Germany do? The real "wild card" (= unpredictable thing, the Joker) in Europe ... if the US build these "safety belt" - not IN the Ukraine, but with the neighboring countries of the West out, and the Russians are trying to figure out how they (the can "nullify" threat) Ukraine ... because we do not know the German position. Germany is in a very peculiar situation. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is on the board of Gazprom ... they (the Germans) have a very complex relationship with the Russians. The Germans themselves do not even know what to do. You must export. The Russians can exports but not record (buy). If the Germans but then lose these free trade zone, they must build something else.
The main fear of the United States (slip) ... I mean ... the unique combination of German capital and German technology with Russian raw material resources and Russian worker who alarmed the United States as hell for centuries. So ... what will come of it? "
A clear and strong message. WE as the Germans have to write it in the hands of the next 20 years history. But we do not think it would be so easy. The sanctions against Russia are united and alone to the German - to weaken and to weaken Germany as an industrial and economic power in Russian conditions. The United States took the opportunity to make your export to Russia to increase, achieving an increase of several percent. It must also be clear that the United States should respond with violence and war Russians and German closer together. But this is our chance and united together against the US and against NATO, we as German us finally have to deal with our problems and not controlled media Pegida demos run for their attention to increase. What distracts us makes us weak. Together for peace and an end to all hostilities in Europe and in the world should be our goal! A NO to war and YES to peace!
Here is the summary of the statements of Mr. Friedmann in the original with German subtitles:

Particularly significant is the fact that Friedman's words in relation to Ukraine and Russia all confirm what critics of US imperialism and peace movement activists repeat like a mantra for over a year. The participants of the vigils were blamed for it, ridiculed, insulted and put into left and right bearing. Everything was tried to the peace movement to put in the wrong light and make it look as wild conspiracy theory. Now there is even a tailwind with the statement by Friedman. What puts us in a position to finally what to make of it!
The cards are now laid face up on the table. It is no longer talk of war guilt. After the obvious tight alliances with fascist forces in Ukraine and the atrocities the Nazis number pulls no longer really in Germany. In European countries, national parties celebrate with national programs a powerful comeback. The media and the mainstream parties are disavowed almost everywhere and untrustworthy. The artifact EU as US beachhead on the old continent crumbles - along with its artificial currency. Resigned presented Friedman fixed some time ago that no one would die in Europe for the EU. The growing "hatred of an intelligent and embittered class against the ruling system" makes him trouble. People in Europe are no longer accessible to the system, which the United States by press in the world. The helplessness of the US elites have little to do with the pretext that the people had not really met in Europe in the EU. That was never the concern of the United States. Rather, it is established that no more color revolutions would work here in Europe. It is precisely the US puppet governments that just TTIP and Monsanto Gendreck want to choke the throat, we have learned already know sufficiently well. Nobody would still fall for a new, pro-American coup government. Make more and more mobile opponent against the European Parliament and some states want out of the EU. The managed and controlled by the United States from Europe breaks out of the system. The US response to drive the euro in the basement.

never again against each other never again war in europe

 The current situation in Europe

Thomas Mink
In the meantime (as of 23.03.2015) of the American troops Aufmarschs have regarding yield more new insights in Europe.:
1. Until now, it is assumed that a large part of the landed in Bremerhaven war material conditions. East is shipped. In view of the fact that another car carrier in Riga (Latvia) was discharged in the last few days, appears unlikely. Here, 750 tanks, and similar wheeled vehicle removed from the aircraft.
2. In the pure land-Palatinate Büchel are currently about 20 nuclear weapons allegedly supported for air defense.
3. The US has spent Patriot air defense missiles to Poland
and there brought to readiness.
4. For a few days in the UK is the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, a carrier of Nimitzklasse, at anchor. There are 3,200 man crew + 2,480 man aircraft personnel on board. The USS Roosevelt has up to 90 aircraft on board.
To the Association of USS Roosevelt (CSG 2) include 2 Carrier Air Wings, 2 missile cruiser Ticonderoga class with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 2-3 guided missile destroyer Arleigh Burke-class for air and anti-submarine, 2 hunting submarines the Los Angeles--Seawolf- or Virginia-class gg. Enemy submarines and surface ships and 1 logistic convoy ship to supply the entire bank.
The exact composition of the Association is confidential and can not be determined (also because the site of the USS Theodore Roosevelt is currently not accessible).

Who looks at his clock, waiting for the summer time should bear in mind that it's already 12:00 clock and not a minute before. Immediate and fast, but above all peaceful concerted action is necessary. The power elite is well prepared and has paved the way.