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NAZI march or peace demo?

Ukrainian Nazi? Or Peace Demo

demonstration May 10, 2014 in Berlin planned! ukrainische rechte

is particularly shocking that the demonstration of the Azerbaijanis Asif Masimov is organized . This works by its own account in the German Parliament for the Left Party MPs Katrin Kunert . Asif Masimov occurs as an organizer . Although it is on Facebook about two different events will be advertised from both events, the demonstration of Asif Masimov . In the past, the Ukrainian Nazis tried to give the impression abroad that it is a " peace demonstration " . In late January / early February, the Ukrainian fascist party Swoboda hadmobilized to a mini Maidan in Munich. There, party flags had been specifically forbidden to bring a democratic impression abroad.  In truth , however, this event was a propaganda event of Ukrainian Nazis and rights, such as the Anti-Fascist information, documentation and archive office in Munich eV reported . Asif Masimov admits in a statement that his demonstration is identical to the demonstration of Ms. Golub . The event of Ms. Golub advertises on the flyer ( above) even with the photo of Mr. Masimovs Facebook page , but uses her event link. Thus, it appears as an implausible excuse that supposedly the Berlin police had suggested to put the two together demonstrations . In addition, the mobilization work seems almost exclusively assumed by Ms Golub , organized the buses of the provider island Travel from Cologne, Leipzig , Munich, Hamburg , Hanover and Frankfurt, which protesters should go to Berlin . 

now to me is only the question of why buses for hours from Ukraine to Berlin to demonstrate? WHAT SHOULD THE and we want to let the .... that's now time just a thought ... but maybe the right-wing protesters peacefully come to Berlin and then HERE and the Revolution of the Ukraine to Germany to bring?? Rights aud Ukraine at Potsdamer Platz ... want the machine through the Brandenburg Gate and where will go? So I think that WE can simply not acceptable.

Meanwhile, the Left Party-employees Asif Masimov has distanced himself from the followers of the right sector.

Here is the explanation: Source:  

with our demonstration on May 10, we want to demonstrate primarily against the imperial power politics of Russia. We see in the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. and EU policies in principle, very critical. Russia supports our view but actively violent militias in eastern Ukraine, which it promotes the destabilization of Ukraine. We but we can not be monopolized by the Ukrainian nationalists and therefore dissociate ourselves from the fascists of the so-called "right sector" and his followers, in Ukraine and in Germany. With these forces we have politically do nothing and condemn their intolerable anti-Russian propaganda in allerschärfster way. A joint demonstration with these forces was never our intention. We apologize for any resulting misunderstanding.


In addition, the Facebook event for the Ukrainian neo-Nazis has been deleted. In his statement is the talk that a joint demonstration with these forces have allegedly never been the intention of his event . The buses , which go by Ukrainian nationalists to Berlin but were not canceled according to our information . The Euro - Maidan Berlin no longer mobilized in the event at 14.00 clock by Mr Masimov , as before , but to start an hour later from the same place on a demonstration. For the demonstrations , however, are clearly distinguishable from each one hours distance and the same place rather unusual. Whether there really are two separate events will probably only emerge on May 10 itself .

Here is the information for the deleted event:

before 10 May 2014 Ukrainian neo-Nazis want under the guise of " for peace and understanding , and against Russian power politics ! " and " March of democracy ( Berlin) pro- Ukrainian mass demonstration "in Berlin march . The event for the demonstration can be found on Facebook . The demonstration starts at Potsdamer Platz and 2014 planned at 14.00 bis 17.00 clock on Saturday, May 10.

Ukraine demo in berlin

The producer of the event called on Facebook Svitlana Golub and ardent supporter of the rights sector and the Union of Ukrainian Nationalists . Her "Like" details the Union of Ukrainian Nationalists ( OUN ) , and the rights belong sector . On her profile to find pictures of the Ukrainian Nazi war criminal Stepan Bandera, and pictures of supporters of the right sector with a banner in Kiev, on inter alia the following Nazi collaborators and war criminals are depicted : Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych , Stanislaw Bulak - Bałachowicz and Michał Vituska .

So what are we to make of it now ?