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Global NATO maneuvers exercise or war?

The NATO presence felt and has begun a maneuver in Poland that several years ( or at least maneuver war ) should last . Parachutists jumped from over an uninhabited area in the south of Poland , which even then flows to Ukraine . Participating countries of the maneuvers in Poland came from the U.S. , Canada and Poland. Given the crisis in Ukraine practicing the NATO allies shared use . NATO had stepped up their presence in their Eastern European Member States , this exercise in Poland underlines das. It was important that will train together , says Captain Brian Kominar of the Canadian Army:

    " Exercises such as the jump today are extremely important. NATO was founded on friendship and cooperation. In order to be able to work together in such an environment , we need to train together . The match we will be very important. No matter who you trained Americans , Poland and other NATO allies. It is extremely important that we learn from each other and work together . "

The Americans had during the maneuvers in Poland command. Other maneuvers , with a focus on the Baltic States, will follow this year. NATO maneuvers in Europe

The Ukrainian military are unable to bring the situation in the east of the country under control. Pro- Russian separatists occupied on Wednesday another administration building in Donetsk . In addition, there was a day after the start of military action by the Ukrainian army reports of defectors . NATO decided to move in the coming days more air, sea and land forces in the vicinity of the eastern boundary of the North Atlantic Pact. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced that in view of the tense situation that fighter jets of NATO now increasingly missions over the Baltic States as well as flying ships would be laid in the Baltic Sea and the eastern Mediterranean . In addition, the defense readiness through maneuvers and training should be strengthened. But it was no decision on the establishment of permanent bases in Eastern European NATO countries. In particular, the Baltic States and Poland had demanded a permanent presence of NATO troops on its territory.


As has been seen , is based on a few short videos on the net , there was last week some Tranporte with tanks on the rails in Germany and Austria to the east.

{ youtube } MUfvY4z8PCg | 600 | 450 | 0 { / youtube }

In the video are very many tanks with Ukrainian flag to see which may be the tanks that drove through Germany .. ?


War preparations in full against Russia? Armored Transport in Vienna observed by the Neutral Austria ? Puts it in the public unrest or sleep all the more beautiful ? Currently armored transports are observed in Germany to the southeast border. Romania moves the missile units to the Ukrainian border and England shifts 6,000 tanks from the island to Germany .
Then the message that the NATO a maneuver also starts in Germany !

Dear friends and friends, dear neighbors, ALL PEOPLE , the sparrows whistle it from the rooftops , in the period from the 12th and 23 May , the regions between Celle and Magdeburg one of the largest military buildup areas in Europe . JAWTEX (Joint Tactical Air Warfare Exercise) is the largest and "most important " NATO maneuvers since the 80fern , which will take place right outside our front door or over our heads.
In addition to 110 " jet fighters " , the start of ten airfields in northern Germany from even a AWACS aircraft will constantly be in the air . Fighter jets and drones during the exercise in May are used and thunder over our heads . At the NATO maneuvers JAWTEX take a total of eleven nations took part with more than 4,500 soldiers from all branches of service. The Bundeswehr is rehearsing with the maneuvers claims to " the interplay between ground forces , and water and air defense at the international level ."
Involved are not only German , soldiers from the Netherlands, France , Italy, Slovenia , Greece, Finland , Hungary, Austria , Turkey, Switzerland and the United States. JAWTEX is mainly aimed to train " cross- battle scenarios of different units ." Participating countries include air defense missile troops, paratroopers interior , helicopter gunships and artillery on the ground . " Sharp shot " is probably only to the Lower Saxon military training areas and mountains Munster, in the Lüneburg Heath. The target areas of the fighter jets are , especially in Saxony- Anhalt. Above all, the military training areas Klietz in the district of Stendal (Altmark ) and Altengrabow at Magdeburg to be served regularly. In Klietz also be held one airborne operation of parachute troops. All other military airports in Northern Germany are also involved . Residents in affected areas should expect in May with solid aircraft noise. Two flight corridors are provided. We want to fly all day with the exception of the night and the weekend. Low-level flights but would allegedly not fall below the limit of about 70 meters. Is controlled by the use of the airbase wooden village on the border between Saxony -Anhalt and Brandenburg. There, over 200 "experts" have a container village he set up ......

Through an e-mail that has been sent to a friend , see here the quote of the email:

    Hello Ernie ,

    we follow your "News" here in Perth, WA for a couple of years after we have escaped the Euro here to at all to find work (my husband has family here ) . Now the situation is getting worse here and also with Tony Abbott (meaning monastery abbot in German ) is Australia. Under new management , as he let himself announced in his inaugural address Daily happen here many inconsistencies in Perth - of ritual murders , Sprengstoff-Funden/Vertuschungen and sudden dismantling of social references. However, the latest report takes the biscuit from the floor and points to an imminent conflict ! The military makes the citizen 's attention to the low - flying maneuvers will take place from May to June - in the middle of the city by the Nobel quarter ! And not only here but also in Sydney and in the state of Queensland ! The whole call them then noise alerts so bleating flock the not tremble ! ( I 'm not aggressive! ) So if you think it would be quiet - like today in your "News" of May 5 , then this is just the calm before the storm!

    It pops - even this year! I just wanted to let you and your readers!

    Best regards from Down Under , Katja Source: derhonigmansagt

I found the following information . If this link is now pursuing then we learn that in Australia NATO maneuvers are planned :

NATO maneuvers in australia

Australian Defence Force personnel will conduct low-level flying workout activities at night in and around Perth and Defence bases in Western Australia from 5 May to 5 June 2014. Thesis Training activities will take place in a variety of locations and will have minimal impact on members of the public . The workout is Conducted to Ensure did Defence Has the highest level of capability to support Australia and its national interests in times of civil emergency , including terrorist incidents . The Training activities will INVOLVE Black Hawk helicopters , small powered watercraft and ground vehicles . Military personnel Involved in the workout will be dressed in a mixture of civilian and military issued clothing . The personnel june at times be carrying weapons , but will only use blank ammunition . Defence did Acknowledges thesis activities june result in disturbances to residents , but wherever possible we seek to Minimise the disruption . The ADF Has Consulted with local authorities while planning synthesis activities , and the WA Police are aware of the training. 171st Aviation Squadron , part of the 6th Aviation Regiment , Provides aviation support to the ADF 's counter terrorist capability . This is a role of national , importance , and requires regular workout to Ensure the aircrew are Capable of safely providing the aviation support the role requires . The aircrew are required to -practice operating by day and night to landing zones other than airfields and helipads . The potential range of landing zones includes the urban (including high rise buildings and other structures) and maritime environments. Operating military helicopters at low level at night in the urban environment Has the potential to inconvenience the public . In order to Minimise inconvenience the location of the workout is Rotated through various locations throughout Australia, Mainly capital cities . In addition , workout is normally curtailed from 11pm or 12am . Flight paths , and THEREFORE the extent to Which Individuals might also be inconvenienced , depend on a number of factors including the location of the building or other structure Concerned , the wind direction and speed , the ambient light level , the scenario being practised and the weather ( eg cloud base and visibility) . Some of synthesis factors are more important than others . Residential areas are taken into account in the planning processes HOWEVER sometimes it is impossible to conduct the workout without encroaching on residential areas . All flights are fully risk managed care .

NATO with ground troops in Sydney

Australian Defence Force personnel will conduct Training activities in several locations in Sydney from 10 May to 6 June 2014. Thesis activities are designed To provide a realistic test of ADF emergency response plans and cooperation with supporting agencies . This workout will Ensure the ADF Has the highest level of capability available to Provide assistance to the people of Australia in times of civil emergency , including terrorist incidents . The workout will INVOLVE military special purpose vehicles transiting through some areas of Sydney . Residents june notice to increase enlarge in military movement and noise falling on this period . Military personnel Involved in the Training 'may be carrying weapons at times , HOWEVER , No live ammunition will be used falling on this training. Residents Should not be alarmed by synthesis workout activities . The ADF acknowledges are synthesis activities june did result in minor disturbance to local residents , but wherever possible the ADF seeks to Minimise the disruption . Training in densely populated areas is essential to Provide personnel with realistic workout environments. The ADF Has Consulted with the Local Authorities and the NSW Police Force is aware of the training. The ADF thanks local residents and businesses For their cooperation and patience falling on this important training.


Australian Defence Force personnel will conduct domestic counterterrorism workout in the vicinity of Parramatta, Botany Bay and Cronulla from 5 to 9 May 2014. The workout will INVOLVE responses to simulated terrorist incidents onboard merchant vessels and at other key infrastructure . So Personnel will be carrying weapons and tactical equipment , HOWEVER want use simulation ammunition , devices and handheld pyrotechnics . The workout is being Conducted to Ensure did the Australian Defence Force Has the highest level of capability to support Australia and its national interests . Local residents june notice to Increased movement of vehicles and military personnel in synthesis areas , HOWEVER , Should not be alarmed as this is part of the training. The Australian Defence Force Has Consulted with all relevant Authorities prior to Conducting the training. The Australian Defence Force thanks local residents and businesses For their cooperation and patience falling on this important ----- ---- training.



If we now take the time together :

Maneuvers in Poland is underway. May to ? ? ; Maneuvers in the Ukraine from June to July 2014 Maneuvers in Germany in May 2014 ; Maneuver in Australia May-June 2014


For this purpose, as it would still be enough maybe the message of the mirror mirror which proclaims:

    " Merkel and Obama threatens Putin with new sanctions " Because of being pushed by NATO situation in Ukraine is now out of this logic out Russia aufgebrummt get even more sanctions. As Merkel said during her visit to the U.S., there were in Russia is still not a " market-oriented democracy " from which all would benefit . According to Spiegel , Merkel also made it hard for the intensive development of the transatlantic security relationship in order to make the Russian power against something can . Likewise, the controversial Free Trade Agreement ( TTIP ) must be implemented , because they could indeed by fracking extraction of raw materials more independence from the " dominant" gain influence in Russia. Addressed the espionage of the U.S. secret NSA were given to understand that the security precisely because of the current situation must move into the "foreground" more , including the recent performance of the NSA would beigetrügen to as Germany's security " in a difficult environment " continue to strengthen . Source . mirror


Now seen even in the Internet , Switzerland and Austria participate as Neutral States also in NATO maneuvers ..... so this is getting really hot and no one knows how much we do not have TIME ! !

We say : Enough!

Your maneuvers can forget her! Our resistance starts right here ! And that's what we're about. The war begins here , where it is practiced and trained , where defense companies make their profits where in schools and employment offices , the Bundeswehr is trying to win Soldaten_innen where at international conferences the "strategic community " their next assignments scheduled and wherever clearly trying the military to become the center of social reality again . We - an initiative of various people from the affected regions of the exercise - have absolutely to ( this ) stupid maneuver can not be bothered ! Infected you your saber rattling somewhere else ! We do not want war - no NATO maneuvers - not here, not anywhere else! Not with us ! We are of the view that conflicts should be resolved peacefully and are convinced that civil disobedience and direct action in ending wars play an important role. They are sand in the gears of the war machine and evoke a critical public . We are sure that we have several possibilities to war strategists and planners to spoil their soup properly . War is not there stopped where it is performed , but where it is planned , practiced and coordinated where its logistics infected and he is ideologically prepared.
In our opinion, to take a clear position against war and to be active at various levels against militarization and war is urgently needed. Therefore, we invite all interested in politics and peace moving people in to a few exciting anti-militarist resistance days. Let us take the step from protest to resistance to war together! FLIGHT MANEUVER BLOWING . Military convoys slow down . To be honest , we are very concerned to ensure a smooth military operation. It is sooo go wrong ! Such a maneuver is dependent on an undisturbed airspace . For exercise time which is of course closed to civilian pilots. It is specially monitored with highly sensitive radars , but oh well ... man can never know that. It is supposed to have given everything . As already rich from a few helium - filled balloons with tinsel decorated for Christmas that might like dragons tied to some irritation worry on the radar screens . We not hope that the sudden emergence of ' unknown flying objects ' the fighter jets for security reasons could force it to land if possible ! Toi, Toi, Toi !
Speaking of landing : Because without the logistics on the ground things just do nothing at all . A variety of training areas plays an important role in the successful implementation of the NATO exercise . We keep our fingers crossed for free access roads to the barracks and military installations ! That this can be blocked , we do not want to have said. As blood in the veins must be the traffic on roads such as the B71 (of Magdeburg, about Salzwedel and Uelzen, according to Munster) flow . Caution - because here face a gridlock ! Does this sound familiar ? Ironically, when a convoy traveling behind a strike of the engine and you can only drive a snail's pace . Or even worse, a wheel must be replaced or the truck no longer runs . Even with a gradual agricultural traffic or a bulky bicycle tour threatens the blood to run cold . We hope not ! The streets and in particular the many crossroads and roundabout make for a smooth military operation in this case something like focal points. Just imagine if they were stopped for any reason. That could be a bad jam. Furthermore, these convoys are ( as they will be everywhere on the way) but getting to this little cute Signpost labels (those with the military style hieroglyphics on it) instructed previously placed carefully along the way . If this would suddenly disappear - where would that lead to? But perhaps human could the passing ( - flying ) , hopefully not annoyed Soldat_innen yes then enjoy with a few large format placed at the roadside greeting messages. Or - let's be serious - to show them that they are neither here nor elsewhere desirable and that, simply rejects a large portion of the population war for which they train straight! And since we damn the bad and find shit , we call on you, you to participate in many forms of protest and resistance and implement their own ideas. We see in together and getting active - Become the chance to get to know you better and to exchange - to spin ideas and forge further plans . We have been thinking about how this might look like and have next to this small (hopefully inspiring ) Text thought about a schedule which can form a concrete framework in addition to the bustle of many unpredictable people !