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System crash and a second 9/11 in July 2014 World Cup final?

Financial crash now but so soon .... what comes next?

finanz crash 2014

There is data for a system crash for some time. What really is this time - Benjamin Fulfod 

Benjamin. Fulford blog entry v. June 16, 2014 "Run all these emergency meeting of world leaders to a big announcement?"

wrote a few weeks ago already from a system crash at this time. And he has very often right. Maybe this time, because at some point it will be. But they read the article itself. All dates are not confirmed but possible due to the current situation ....


A headline from May 2014: 

Official: Bank of England prepares to Government Emergency Plan for Euro-Crash ago: 

Sir Mervyn King has always been a very open-hearted Governor of the Bank of England have been honored. On Wednesday, he was able, however, in a TV interview shocker in the quality of Edgar Wallace present to King confirmed that the Bank of England and the government of David Cameron are working on a current emergency plan to attack when the euro-zone apart. More then he did not want to elaborate on, "to pour oil into the fire yet," as he put it. For the rest, King served at the presentation of the inflation report, the seafaring language. He said: "We navigate through turbulent sea, with the risk that a storm from the continent in our direction pulls." Source:

Not quite so official but real Germany is also preparing for the Euro crash before: 

Check out the video of which is from the May 2014 expressed thus from the same time as the Bank of England to the crash.

If Germany has itself with the Print of the D-Mark notes started to know the governments but to say more than they? 
There are several insider information and evidence that you want to "make" it now. The artificial induced collapse of the global financial system, the last one was maintained with difficulty only. Probably supposed to come with a large-terrorist attack like 9/11, which should be "mind blowing". 
"V" speaks: 
There are in the United States a source of information, which calls itself "the V Guerrilla Economist". For about a year, this is source of insider information from the "real elites" of himself that materialized in part. On June 16, 2014, a telephone interview was published with this source. Here is the video and a translation of the most important statements under the video:

Decoupling from the petrodollar and dollars as a reserve currency and shifting of the axis of power to the East. U.S. as 3.Weltland. 
I think that happens precisely with the gas contract between Russia and China. We reported here: The dollar fall on the way to world currency or here: Sanctions against Russia backfired! Other countries, including Germany will pay in the future, the gas in rubles. 
The elites have completed their preparations and start phase 2 = "the lever Around" for the Restart button. The code for this has already been spent and the machinery was set in motion.

The most important day: July 15

Where not necessarily have to be the day on which the system crash also noticed the public. Therefore V is the period mid-July.
I think it will not be July 15 because the 15 is not a number for the club but a look when the final of the football World Cup will take place July 13, 2014 and the 13 is defenitiv a number for the elite and the Illuminati. See an attack or disaster affecting millions of people in the world at the same time spread more fear and terror than all the news in the news during prime time! It is ONLY a guess but everything is possible now.
The "hit" will embark on the silver market.
The elites / Rothschild plan maximum chaos in the northern hemisphere (to mass extinction possible) and already have a plan that made London the Savior, the Messiah, the solution to the of them created a problem for the completely demoralized people to bring (the are expected to cheer and the game does not see through), there will be / instigated and Russia will get Ukraine, the EU has to withdraw powerless and will be meaningless further wars / civil wars in Europe.
Return to national currencies, convertibility (yuan, rubles). Gold-coupling of currencies. The most important players: London - Russia - China - Germany. Russia is working with the elites in London and the Ukraine is an act in the drama.
Otherwise V has yet pointed out that this whole game is indeed around East versus West, Fiat money versus EM plays in the highest level, but for power over us humans turns.
The situation with Ukraine and the gas supply is highly dangerous for the world and the future in Europe depends on how greedy are the Eurocrats who are known to be paid for by the USA!
The only nation / culture, one of Europe is Germany and that takes the gas from Russia.
All other euro countries are lazy, socialist, incompetent astray (lunatics). If the DE Euro and the EU, this suicidal compound leaves, what it will do or must do, then breaks and the paper tiger NATO together. All billionaires in these countries have in-usually provided by London - tax havens already positioned for the post-dollar time.
These statements coincide most with the statements from my own sources among these elites. Only the date of July 15 is new, but might fit if you look at the preparations. Sometimes it is even visible to the naked eye, if you read the media in more detail:
  • The United States if you drop it, the rest of Europe except England and Germany
  • The United States as an empire and the world's policeman, as well as NATO and the EU disappear
  • It is a new axis London (the financial center) - Berlin (industry) - Moscow (raw materials) - Beijing (industry)
  • After a period of chaos is a "Messiah" will appear, so this thing obviously has religious overtones.
  • Ukraine crisis was artificially lit and should contribute to the demise of the EU and USA, Moscow is playing with here and get a price Ukraine. "Takeover" of war in July 2014.
  • The whole thing goes by the billionaires and Rothschild as well as from Putin

It was designed to achieve a complete change in the world order and the political order in the states, here's a gigantic plan. This is likely to be in the Broad for 15 years old, the detailed planning to give it since 2008. The time is politically and socially rotated back 100 years, the socialist century since 1914, is extinguished.

system crash grafik 2014

For other preparations, see the article: "System Demolition 2014" from Walter K. Eichelburg from 06/13/2014

9/11 2.0:

According to my inside sources to get a new, major terrorist attack of type 9/11 (destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on 11 September 2001). This is supposed to be "mind blowing" (enormous). Maybe that is July 15th as the most important day, speaks of the V.
Law probably has to do with the missing aircraft in March MH370, whose story is maintained in the media by any means. Probably to this aircraft by Islamic jihadists from Europe who fought in Syria and now conquer Iraq, are probably directed into an important building in Europe. Everything a lie, just like a real 9/11. Tirelessly is warned in the media before this cruel fighters for Islam.
If that happens, will later crash the financial system on the same day or a few days. It will push these Islamists and the politics in the shoes. The hammer blow on policy or Muslims is likely to be enormous.
The mass will believe it, because she understands nothing of the financial system, also do not know who really rules the world. This regent with all that money will continue to rule the world, but with other horses as biasing. The politicians-horses are just changed.