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Facebook world breaks into rich and poor Facebook collects monthly fee

Facebook from November 1 to have only for money !!

Now break the facebook world apart. Anyone who wants to can afford to pay $ 2.99 to use the entire circumference of facebook on!

Menlo Park, CA - At a press conference this morning, the Facebook team, rolled out the new monthly service plan, which starts November 1 of this year. The social media giant says that members $ 2.99 / facebook nimmt gebührCalculate monthly to the Services, the site has to offer to use. "After I thought about this decision long and hard, was announced at the end of the day. We were forced to introduce this monthly fee said Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters." If we do not do something for our rising costs now it could be that it no longer is Facebook in the near Zukunfht. "..... oooh


"This is excellent news for Facebook shareholders," says Wall Street analyst Dale Sack Rider. "As of August of this year, Facebook had a total of 1,317,000,000 users If only 75% of the members pay the new monthly service fee of $ 3, which will be an annual influx of cash totaling approximately $ 3,000,000,000 This is..: "not only a profit increase of a few dollars, which is a huge turnover. "

In an interview with CNN, said Facebook spokesman Paul Horner, the reason for the new monthly fee.

"Economic times are tight, the ads on Facebook are not as profitable as we had planned. Our costs rise because hundreds of thousands of people continue to join the site every day," Horner said. "There are so many pictures of cats, and all of these costs add up, we just can not pay the bill no longer alone."

Jack Phillips from Dequincy, told reporters, Louisiana, that he is not happy with the new monthly fee, which will be implemented by Facebook. "I can not pay for all of my online Girly subscriptions. Now, Zuckerberg wants a further contribution of $ 3 per month from me? Well, I do not know if that still think clearly," Phillips said. "There are free news out there that I can use all the learning, such as The Epoch Times. I wieß their stories are not real, some nice words as" satire ", but they make me laugh. Though, their grammar and Spelling just before caves terrible, but I like that, it makes me smarter "Phillips continued," This monthly fee Mh what we do with Facebook Farmville game play there Hey, look at me, I'm planting some.?. carrots in a field around my kick * ss barn. My friends love it when I turn to them to talk about the cultivation of crops, later they are angry and you're gone "

OH MY GOD on what we have to do without ??? I hope the Facebook generation is not totally stupid!

 Dangit Jack another Facebook freak, you and your goodness thanks to the cultures', I'll tell you what. "Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin, a mascot for a Christian anti-masturbation group says they do not survive their business without Facebook. "inviting people on Facebook means that can not be cured so many pagans on the website, then stay out of the devil's playground. Personally, I like Facebook because it helps me to promote my site and my business, the personalized video greetings. These videos are good, clean fun for the whole family, and they also help pay for my anger management and sex offender classes. Fappy praise!
"Horner told reporters an option for those who can not afford the new monthly fee." Here at Facebook, we appreciate each and every one of our members. We do not want to see someone starting to delete their account simply because they can not afford the monthly fee, "Horner said." For those who can not cope with the costs, we have made it really easy. In a new status update, and copy the words: "I am poor FACEBOOK PLEASE WAIVE on my monthly fee". Make sure you use the hashtag #FacebookMonthlyFee. This serves to inform the Facebook Billing department to no fees associated with your account to compute. Unfortunately for the users who use Facebook for free, access to all Facebook games are no longer available. "Horner added:" There is also a free option that allows you to share access to your Facebook account for up to one hour per week, they should be online longer than this hour it will cost $ 0.49 / minute. I think you may agree that it is extremely important to find the right plan for you Facebook! "

Shares of Facebook closed on Friday at 77.81 to 0.81 (1.05%). To order your monthly subscription, please call the 24-hour hotline at Facebook (785) 273-0325. Discounts of up to those who pay for a whole year at once.

YES love Facebook friends THE CAMP IS OVER !!! YOU addiction alternative ... is one of them!


Many users on Facebook and Twitter currently share a news that Facebook from November 1 would be a fee and will cost $ 2.99 per month. Who takes a closer look at the origin of the message, but will be surprised soon. Because the apparently serious acting side "National Report" is a satirical news portal, similar to the postillion or the Austrian daily press.

  In the message including a purported interview with CNN quoted a Facebook spokesman named Paul Horner. Horner is a running gag of the "National Report", also his quotes are more than just absurd: "There are so many photos of cats and these costs stack up now, we can simply not afford to pay the bill."

Got you shock the other ....;-)

After the Epoch Times published a report according to which the message was merely satire, added the "National Report" his article. This one quotes an indignant Facebook users, the Epoch Times likes, even if "the spelling and grammar is not good."


Even some news sites have fallen for the fake message. The Australian edition of the International Business Times has reported, for example, and already "free alternatives to Facebook" enumerated.