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Worldwide now show the flag in white for peace

We show the flag for peace. Now and worldwide.

weisse fahne weht für den weltfrieden

For several decades already, it is observed that our powerful "friends" on the other side of the Atlantic vehemently try to rekindle the Third World War (often together with their buddies, who call the shots in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv).
So far they do that though with rather moderate success, but these warmongers scare skurillerweise back at nothing but to achieve their goal even fatal. One of the reasons for this may be that they want to receive their multi-billion dollar weapons industries alive and this is only possible then with respectable profits, when you produce weapons, sell, and of course can bring massively used. The desire for more power, as well as the greed for oil and other resources, which could be, for example, also found in the soil of other countries, are further reasons for their shockingly aggressive war policy.
The warmongers (in addition to the above-mentioned two "big" there are a few other more!) Have now put up with Ukraine and with Russia another chapter and if we (especially we Europeans) are not careful duly citizens, we find ourselves soon, in a more than frightening situation again, which in truth none of us people really want. As long as we PEOPLE - after all, already more than 7 billion - are largely silent about politicians and corruption, only outrage over the criminal actions of various multinational corporations and the mentioned warmongers and complain, but to all the hustle and bustle of the powerful (and thus agree to provide even !), will hardly change anything essential for good.
Angst um die Menschen das diese eben nicht mehr aufwachen

 We ALL who are for peace - and there are a total of probably considerable 6-7 billion people! - Must finally show the flag together, EACH of us! With my test everyone every Monday used a peace dove as Facebook profile I think I have not achieved what we could have achieved. I saw ONLY about 100 of my friends with a white dove of peace .... but that is indeed nothing .... and that's really not hard :::? It's soon back on monday, morning, a new attempt the dove of peace in FB as your profile picture as a sign of the will to peace!


Another attempt another sign of peace is just to put on and to wear this all the way to AU? EN THE WHITE FLAG!. I invite you to contact us jointly launched the "We fly the flag for peace. "Start now and worldwide. Advance and quickly! Let's start together this simple initiative, but can lift up our military world completely off its hinges in a few weeks and hoffenlich will do so! A bed sheet or a white tablecloth, and this is still so small, everyone. OUT so on, in or in front of the window! Deliver the white flag on to your CAR, Bike, Scooter, Moped, backpack, or what you're driving or otherwise used to. In school, at work in the office or on the way there. EVERYWHERE AND EVERYONE must have a white flag ... that is a huge sign!

weisse Fahne am Haus

We all have a simple, white flag, it can also be a white headband, a simple white cloth, somehow more or less placed conspicuously on the body, white cloths or tapes out hanging out the window, white pennant on the car, moped, - per conspicuous we show our white flags and scarves, the more our concern is noticed - and most importantly, wE START IMMEDIATELY sO, yes the same RIGHT NOW!

However, a prerequisite for our success is that you join and ALSO YOU are doing! NOW!!


Whoever is for peace and disarmament and for an end to all war and fighting in this world, should also clearly show this. Everyone, absolutely everyone shall NOW to view our strong desire for disarmament and lasting peace!

Wherever you live on this planet NOW shows flag and shows WITH THE COLOR WHITE all in your environment that you are for peace.

The color WHITE stands for joy, clarity, emptiness and silence, for the Pristine and for the innocence, purity, immortality and infinity. White flags or merely white towels, used for example in war zones, mean immediate stop of hostilities, ceasefire and peace as well surrender. We are prepared to meet each other peacefully. This symbolism is understood throughout the world.

Let's put together a clear signal on that ALL finally see how much we want to wish people peace and also to achieve and we still bring peace to the world ...

 IMPORTANT - Join over and give this information! Find all the people who you can reach anyway!

Also use facebook, Twitter and other networks to get the thing to spread faster!

weisse fahne aus papier


 We show the flag for peace. Now and worldwide.