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She wanted to get stung a tattoo on vacation and almost lost a leg

She wanted to be a tattoo on vacation and almost lost a leg. The side effects in non-compliance with the Hygiene!

Tattoo Unfall  Entzündungen an den Stechstellen

Actually, the young woman tried to stab a tattoo just let what but ended up in the hospital. She chose a tattoo studio that does not put the highest value on Hygiene and cleanliness.
Around ten percent of Germans are tattooed. But the sting of tattoos and their removal can have unpleasant side effects. These include skin inflammation, scarring and allergic reactions. Possible long-term effects of tattooing are not yet known, dasBundesinstitut warns for Risk Assessment (BfR).
You did not expect and was very shocked that should such a thing happen IHR. The battle for the wounds and around her leg were what they had on vacation right ...

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Attention! They have one child - I do not want that happening to your child something - Never leave children unsupervised!

Let your child never unattended you never know what happened here, it was harmless but the next time ?!


shock for mom child sleep with red face  lipstick every where




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4-year-old girl was raped by your father every day until a pregnancy.

4-year-old girl was raped by a pregnancy from your father every day.

Like = Share = helping the poor, the promotion and Comment = Enlightenment and warn others.

ช่วยกัน Share=สงสาร กด Like=ให้กำลังใจComment = ออกความคิดเห็น ให้ด้วยน่ะ


Aside from the fact that they hardly can be pregnant with 4 years, we believe that it is handeld a disease. It can be assumed that the child does not feel well with such a big belly so you should help with donations or share this post on your social network to draw attention to.

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Mama looked after and playing with the child - You will not believe what's going on when Dad does the same!

If the child is cared for Mama OK But when it looked Papa na look at yourself

If the child is cared for Mama OK But when it looked Papa na look at yourself

The use of electronic media will also always learned in the family. "The children suck on the mother's milk, as their own parents deal with the media." The permanent online-adult situation would mean that their children are constantly online. Problems at school age often are the result. "The ability to focus over a quarter of an hour on one thing takes off dramatically."
Whether that's true or did you have other experiences look for yourself. So we played in childhood with mom and dad ...

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