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Not with bombs but with bread makes you peace! Russia opens first refugee camp in Syria!

The Right Way in the refugee issue on-site help! Russia flies aid to Greece and Iran to Syria and opens first tent camp for refugees with kitchen and toilet!

russisches flüchtlingslager in syrien

In order to give the refugees on the spot for a hotel and to contain the flow of refugees to Europe opened the Russian Federation today a refugee camp near the Syrian city of Hama. The camp can accommodate 500 refugees currently - and will be increased to 1000 seats.

Russian specialists of civil protection have been set up and all you need large tents, beds, bed accessories, showers and medical containers to Syria. Countries Bulgaria and Turkey and Ukraine had an overflight ban on Russian aircraft imposed but that did not made it difficult to transport made it impossible! The big field kitchen has been equipped with current resources to supply 50,000 people once complete with cooked food. Even more than 50,000 times disposable crockery and cutlery has been brought from Russia already in place. Everything is ready to come first refugees .....

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Weapons found in supplies on a ship off the Greek coast !!!

waffen aus einem flüchtlingshilfe container

Heraklion, Crete. Freighter Haddad 1, Bolivian-registered vessel bound for Libya with aid for refugees was full of weapons and ammunition. Haddad 1, Bolivian-registered vessel with La Paz, the largest port in the Andes as homeport.

Greek Coast Guard Seizes Ship Smuggling Ammunition into EUROPE as "MUSLIM EXTREMIST" enter EU posing as Syrian REFUGEES.
The infamous Barbarous Islamists are smuggling weapons into Europe while they themselves are "Posing" as Syrian Refugees from the Civil War and entering EUROPE with the Floods of Migrants.

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Bangkok police transferred offender through Überwachungsvideo- total surveillance still not protected

Polizei fand mit den Überwachung Video den vermeindlichen Täter der Explosion in Bangkok vom Montag Abend


Täter der den Rucksack am Erawan Schrein mit Sprengstoff abstelltePolizeisprecher veröffentlichen jetzt das Überwachungsvideo. Es wird vermutet das der Täter, der die Bombardierung des Ratchaprasong-Schrein ausgeführt hat, durch das Video endecckt wurde. Der vermeindliche Täter trägt ein gelbes Trikot und einen Rucksack , welchen er relative schnell, zwischen den menschen am Zaun , abstellte und sich dann schnell von dem Platz entfernte. Die Identifizierung sollte jetzt schnellstens möglich sein, aber das ergreifen könnte einige Zeit in Anspruch nehemen. Die Abteilung Cmdr. Sq. glauben an eine Verkleidung. Das Überwachnungsvideo hier im Artikel.....

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Death on the installment plan - Schäuble has split 10.5 million Greeks on their conscience and with Merkel Europe!

Greece has capitulated - the Grexit is postponed - a country is broken down into its component parts and degrades its citizens into slaves of the monetary system!

angela merkel und wolfgang schäubleWolfgang Schäuble's tactics had won a great victory - in the spirit of Carl von Clausewitz, who knew diplomacy than the continuation of war by other means. What Germany and the other lenders impose Athens there is so extreme that one is shocked not only in Greece. Actually, the whole of Europe would be on the street to demonstrate against it because soon the donors set in other countries in this way through. It will take a few days until you have digested the events of the weekend in Greece and it will not be long until the Greeks are united again in the street. Despite the referendum which should clarify the question of whether there should be further austerity measures, cuts and privatization, which ran with a clear Oxi (No), was forced on the Greeks with all his might the will of the donors and even the will of Germany.

What was carried out at the weekend in Brussels that Europe was returning back to the times of the slaveholders, where forced upon the stronger the weaker his will and the powerful, the measures which the arms belonged. That was the beginning of the end of a united and shared Europe and a common monetary union. Europe has become a dictatorship with a solid system and common means of payment, but also to a beast without common policies degraded .....

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Terror in Bangkok Bombenexplosion in Siam Bangkok near Erawan-Schrein

A bomb attack in central Bangkok on Monday evening at least 16 people have been killed.

bangkok-thailand-bomb-explosionThe bomb exploded in front of a shrine near a shopping center near Siam BTS station. The explosion shook the center of the Thai capital Bangkok. The heavy detonation occurred on Monday near the Erawan Shrine in the Ratchaprasong district, as the BBC reported, citing local television stations. There have been several deaths and injuries. The police reported accordingly by a bomb. There conquer chaos. Local stations spoke of at least twelve dead ....

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The community is there

Welcome to the community in

Here, bloggers and friends of the community meet to exchange ideas and to publish their information and ideas.
world in your hand

We invite more members to post on interesting and important issues from politics and business as well as world events and speak. The community is changing every day and there is a completely new community with new opportunities. Join us and make your world anew and enlighten others to help them understand the world. Come in and check out ...

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Tianjin a nuclear explosion? Uncensored video of the explosion of Tianjin. Economic war with China!

The explosion was probably a targeted attack on the port of Tianjin with deliberate destruction of China's mega computer Tianhe-1.


tianjin5-13-august-15The accident happened, according to the Chinese newspaper "People's Daily" on late Wednesday evening around 23:30 local time (18:30 CEST), when a container with explosives blew up. The warehouse belongs to the company Ruihai Logistics, police said. Now the proof by an uncensored video that there were several explosions, and the second explosion was not caused by chemicals. That was a nuclear explosion. The transition to white, which means that the light was so bright (we would argue brighter than the sun) by the explosion that it looks like it Währe a nuclear explosion and the shock of an earthquake equal to the value of 2.9 point out out. Watch the uncensored video of ....

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The night before the revolution - Merkel dived before crash in Greece !!

The night before the crash in Greece - Merkel is submerged - bankers cashing - Now is the time for change in Europe!

Angela Merkel abgetauchtAngela Merkel is submerged a few hours before the total crash in Greece. The only thing that was still unknown: they talked to US President Barack Obama? On the eve of a European financial disaster we hear nothing from the German Chancellor. Money is earned in tomorrow billion if all have put on the bankruptcy of Greece claim your winnings. Next banks be saved and made money amounting to billions, all on the shoulders of the Europeans, especially now on the shoulders of the Greeks ...

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