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european news

Kiev in turmoil - Storming Poroschenkos presidential residence - and citizens demand Klitschko mayor to resign

Kiew in Aufruhr - Bergarbeiter stürmen fast Poroschenkos Präsidentensitz - gleichzeitig fordern Kiewer Bürger den Bürgermeister Klitschko zum Rücktritt auf

bergarbeiter auf demo in kiew

Über 5000 Bergarbeiter demonstrieren vor Poroschenkos Präsidentensitzes im Kiewer Stadtzentrum! In deutschen Medien ist darüber nichts zu hören oder zu lesen. Mehr als 2000 Menschen haben sich am Donnerstag vor dem Präsidialamt in Kiew versammelt, um den Rücktritt des Oberbürgermeisters Vitali Klitschko zu fordern. Gleichzeitig protestieren Hunderte Bergarbeiter im Zentrum der ukrainischen Hauptstadt gegen Lohnrückstände und die Schließung der Bergwerke. Die Lage ist angespannt und unübersischtlich! ...  

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++ URGENT ++ Now it's getting serious !!! Watch finally ON !!! Russia and Germany on the highway for war!

Now it is really .... it's serious!

Tomorrow it will be again to shoot German on Russians and Russian on German !!! ONLY because YOU passive stay !!!

Everything that has been said and discussed for a year at various Friedensmahnwachen has been confirmed open by the founder and CEO of Stratfor Mr. George Friedman at a press conference. George Friedman was in February 2015 guest at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and answered in the aftermath of a lecture on the nature and shockingly revealing questions from the audience.

Korridor zwischen Russland und DeutschlandThe views represented since the beginning of Friedensmahnwachen and demonized by the press and have been made in all corners of radicalism confirmed and are not a theory but nothing but the naked truth. It should be avoided at all costs an alliance between Germany and Russia! It may come in any case to a fusion of German and Russian technologies mineral resources! That the testimony of George Friedman. Both countries to bring in a war that optimally Varriante. The facts and the WHY here in the article with original video ......

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Hungary wants Internet tax levy mass demo with riots

Hungary wants Internet tax levy mass demo with riots

The government wants to impose a tax on the use of the Internet from 1 January 2015. Every customer should be commenced gigabytes per 150 forints (about 0.50 EUR) pay. The Internet provider to the data and control individually collect and pay the tax. Companies should be able to deduct the cost of the corporation. Group leader Rogan pushed by a cap of 700 forints per month and connection for households on Wednesday.   demo-ungarn-internetsteuer

The Association of Internet providers and opposition parties are in their criticism agree that the widest possible and affordable access to the Internet imagine today a prerequisite for the information society, the access to knowledge for social networking is and is also an increasingly important industry , Not only media companies that generate naturally a high traffic, and internet start ups and the trade will be directly affected by the negative control.

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They want to stop us ??? WE still go on 3 October on the road !!

WE ARE THE PEOPLE and go safely on October 3 ON THE ROAD !!

Today the media is a report appeared that an unknown person a "fire stop" on the Reichstag
3 Oktober 2014 Angie fürchtet Demowanted to commit. It was reported that the or that has thrown a Molotov cocktail in the form of a bottle filled with flammable liquid on the wall of the Reichstag. The bottle broke well and the fire flared up briefly and went out. The unknown perpetrators escaped despite police protection before the Reichstag. As far as a summary of the report is to be read in different portals ... some published facts are rather implausible .....

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Together we are strong .... so we divide us !!!

As the COHESION breaks through us !!!

The October 3 has shown it to what we are able ..... WE were one and all focused on that day. WE wanted to make a mark with a mass on the roads in Germany and in front of the Reichstag. A peaceful demonstration ... a peaceful assault on the Republic Square. This would have a strength of the people shown the WE together are dissatisfied with the government and we have not put forward our demands lautsark.   friedenstaube
But what happened? From the energy which mediated a video, which was given to me to why I wrote this article available here: Storm of 100,000 demonstrators to the Reichstag. All felt that it now goes wrong. But then the new peace activists came ...

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CETA as we get TTIP and ACTA by the back door

Secret negotiations to CETA and its effects!

stoppt ceta

For five years, the European-Canadian Free Trade Agreement CETA is negotiated. The negotiations on the "Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement" is secret, neither public nor deputies had access (lobbyists but already). Just a month ago, some deputies of the Bundestag and the European Parliament have received the completed negotiated contract. The public must always know not. Our Freedom of Information request was rejected by the Ministry of Economy, as a disclosure of which might have "adverse effects on international relations". The EU's proposed free trade agreement with Canada gives investors the ability to sue governments before international arbitration. Public economy minister sees this type of parallel judicial critical, but against Brussels, he loses no word of criticism ......

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Day of truth 100.000 storm through the Brandenburg Gate to the hard mile (EATING MILE)

October 3, 2014 - THE day of reckoning, the day of the Revolution and German Unification Day ???

Those were the masses gathered in Berlin on October 3 ..... it was determined that more than 100,000 and through the Brandenburg Gate
Festmeile zum 3 Oktober 2014 Brandenburger Tordirectly on the fan mile .... DIRECTLY to the grills and taps rushed ...... German Unity Day ... !! YES, it was agreed the beer nice and cool and the hot sausage that fits the sun and the beautiful temperatures at this beautiful 3 October 2014 ....

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Fracking - Grandma burns the faucet

„Fracking“: Wissenschaftler warnen vor Förderung von Schiefergas

Die Bundesregierung will das umstrittene Fracking erlauben - obwohl eine neue Studie dessen Risiken bestätigt.

Zwischen Bund und Ländern bahnt sich eine heftige Auseinandersetzung an. Während sich die Umweltminister der Länder gerade einstimmig gegen das Fracking ausgesprochen haben, will das Berliner Wirtschaftsministerium die umstritten Technologie zulassen und damit der Industrie entgegenkommen.stopp fracking Der Schutz der Umwelt müsse gegen wirtschaftliche Interessen abgewogen werden, heißt es dort. Damit rückt die Bundesregierung von ihrer Zusage ab, dass der Umweltschutz Vorrang haben muss.  Vor allem die deutsche Wirtschaft und internationale Energiekonzerne wollen die unangetasteten deutschen Schiefergasvorkommen ausbeuten. Sie hoffen auf niedrigere Energiepreise wie in den Vereinigten Staaten, wo billiges, mit der Fracking-Methode gewonnenes Erdgas für einen gewaltigen industriellen Aufschwung sorgt. Aber letztendlich werden die billigen Gaspreise wie auch vorher schon nicht weiter an den Verbraucher gereicht sondern in die Taschen der Konzerne fließen!

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