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world affairs

Flight to Europe - refugees unwrap - the struggle in Calais!

The flight of the "third world" ends in the middle of Europe, the struggle of refugees in Calais.


Motionless are two figures on the grass verge behind the bus stop. Africans, just come of age. One wearing a hat, the other a hood, among them a blanket. You sleep, such as migrants just sleep here - in parks, doorways, outside in the dunes forests. The people in this city know that long.
Everyday in Calais, this means that those who are trying from here, undetected to come to the UK, appear anywhere in the city - the Sudanese and Afghans, Eritreans, Egyptians, and now also the Syrians. There were times when she was seen barely on the streets. But now there are as many as never before that here, at the narrowest point of the English Channel, across wish: to jobs, security, the good life, the promises of the myth UK.
Motionless the man sits in front of the five-meter-high fence, looking through the iron mesh of the sea. Perhaps he dreams of his Eldorado, the only 33 kilometers from England, where he hopes to find work and recording. Perhaps he is also planning the next job and changed his every movement, at night, jumping over the barbed wire and then on one of the semi-trailer, the slow curves through the huge harbor area from Calais to embark on the ferry to Dover. If it flaps today ....

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Reactor 3 missing - Fukushima and earthquake-lie! Tsunami attack on Japan?

It took 300 years and billions of dollars to build a theater of darkness, but the light of only one match can burn it down. Do not extinguish this light.


Fukushima - this is Japan's 9/11 - all based on official records and evidence that can not be silenced. Everything is so onerous as Building 7 immediately after 9/11, but it is much more important, and the fact that even a large part 9/11 critics avoids this report, you simply just shows how deep the conspiracy goes.
It is important to link to share this report, and to publish it on other websites because e-mails are censored and people will not find here an e-mail. He will also be deleted from sites like Above Top Secret and Godlike Productions, and if it is not distributed in any other way, the elites have the opportunity elsewhere to create a similar catastrophe, perhaps close to you .....

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Putin speaks your language to the world --- The aggression and war come from the West!

The West, led by the US, has aimed at the destruction of Russia. The western mainstream: Putin's fault!

Since the statement's George Friedman, US geo-strategy, which he held at the "The Chicago Council on Global Affairs" on February 4, 2015, Chicago (USA), we reported here:

++ EILT ++ Jetzt wird es Ernst!!! Wacht endlich AUF !!! Russland und Deutschland auf dem Highway zum Krieg 

We know that it is true that it is actually the West, especially the United States, who are not interested in a merger of Russia and Germany and all do about it so that it is prevented. Now we know officially for 100 years, the geopolitics of the United States, the target for Europe was to prevent unity and cooperation between Russia and Germany. Officially and without shame is talk of the people were involved in both wars to pursue this goal. Now this press conference was held in Moscow, with President Putin, on December 18, 2014., shortly before the statements Friedmans but the question of the BBC, even at this time, leaves no doubt Putin's fault!
Putin zwinkert Dir zu

Our media was after this press conference again very open attitude which one takes to Russia. So wrote Markus Sambale, from the ARD radio studio in Moscow following:
"A radiant appearance is different. And one with new ideas fortiori, Markus Sambale thinks the big press conference by Putin. Still could be the Russian president to make known slogans. But enough patriotism alone?"
But even better, making it the BBC on site. John Simpson of the BBC, the spiritual father of the most embarrassing question on this press conference, said the following ....

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Era of civil disobedience - or the United States makes the back away free?

National Day in Beijing --- mass demonstration in Hong Kong 

If democracy in Hong Kong abolished? Or how to understand the decision of the Government in Beijing to allow free elections in 2017? The students demonstrate for almost a week against the decision of the National People's Congress in Beijing, during the 2017 election scheduled in the Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong, only allow pre-selected candidates. This makes it practically impossible that it provide government critics on the list.
Massendemonstration in Hong Kong

With the decision from Beijing there will be no real democracy in Hong Kong. 2017, the citizens of the Prime Minister, although allowed to vote directly for the first time in history, but the election itself shall select the candidates an undemocratic composite beijing faithful body. Candidate from the democratic opposition are thus excluded accordingly ....

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Now it unexpectedly and quickly outbreak of World Peace !!

Outbreak of World Peace changed the world on December 1, 2014!

According to the latest information, by the people of the earth, it will happen but now, approaching the outbreak of World Peace.  first-world-peace
A still shocked world can hardly believe that world peace is breaking out now actually. Many do not know what means the outbreak of peace and therefore look forward to the December 1, 2014, the day of the said, ahead of the start of World Peace. What is peace? What can we expect when we all live together in peace on the earth? What we leave behind when the peace comes? Who needs the war and who the peace? Should scientists and theologians as well as humanity itself properly say the good times come enter the world peace. But what remains the man to do for world peace really to understand and accept? The question that all concerned what comes to us, WHAT is Peace ......

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Facebook world breaks into rich and poor Facebook collects monthly fee

Facebook from November 1 to have only for money !!

Now break the facebook world apart. Anyone who wants to can afford to pay $ 2.99 to use the entire circumference of facebook on!

Menlo Park, CA - At a press conference this morning, the Facebook team, rolled out the new monthly service plan, which starts November 1 of this year. The social media giant says that members $ 2.99 / facebook nimmt gebührCalculate monthly to the Services, the site has to offer to use. "After I thought about this decision long and hard, was announced at the end of the day. We were forced to introduce this monthly fee said Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters." If we do not do something for our rising costs now it could be that it no longer is Facebook in the near Zukunfht. "..... oooh

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The Clipboardman and the Ebola show!

The Clipboard Man new performer in the Ebola Daily Soap!

The Ebola epidemic is getting scarier: The WHO now has over 8000 Ebola cases registered far. More than 4,000 people died. In the US and in Spain, a total of three nurses have been infected while treating Ebola patients.
After new suspected cases grows in Europe the fear of Ebola. The EU is committed to increased enforcement in West Africa. US President Barack Obama announces that America would act "more vigorously". Stricter control !!!


THEN THE DRAMA: Infected nurse in the USA! Several people accompany the transport safety of people infected with Ebola Vinson nurse Amber in Dallas. All wear protective suits to protect themselves against the high risk of infection. Only one not this man protects himself with a clipboard - who is this man appears to be immune against Ebola? ....

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Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel from ex NSA Director Binney - plaintext to Ukraine

Alarmiert von der Anti-Russland-Hysterie, die durch Washington fegt, und durch das Gespenst eines neuen Kalten Krieges, haben ehemalige US-Geheimdienstmitarbeiter – unter ihnen William Binney, ehemaliger NSA-Entschlüsselungsexperte und Technischer Direktor, der im März 2012 als erster über das NSA-Ausspähprogramm, mehr als ein Jahr vor Edward Snowden, sprach – den ungewöhnlichen Schritt unternommen, ein Memorandum, datiert auf den 30. August 2014, an die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel zu senden, in dem sie die Zuverlässigkeit ukrainischer und US-amerikanischer Medien über die russische “Invasion” anzweifeln.....

ex-nsa director binney

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