With the 11.April 2019 the free journalism was carried to the grave

Julian Assange uncovered several of the atrocities of the US and its operations and published them on its WikiLeaks platform. After nearly seven years in the Embassy of Ecuador, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London. Now he is at the mercy of his opponents.freedom for julian assangeIf he is extradited to the US, he could face the death penalty there. Will there be an outcry from the media, politics and us humans against this injustice? Or is a dangerous precedent created here? ...

The precedent, Assange's arrest, is designed to deter anyone who dares to challenge power.

Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks, in Iceland, on October 4, 2006, as an unveiling platform that anonymously publishes documents that are or were restricted by secrecy as classified, confidential, censored, or otherwise accessible. Julian Assange, with WikiLeaks, required a general public interest in the information to provide information and disseminate such controversial events and secret operations.
Julian Assange and the Wikileaks disclosure platform founded by him had recently become quiet. That changed this week. Assange was arrested after seven years in exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and shortly afterwards a comrade of his own in Ecuador. Assange now faces extradition to the United States, where he could face charges of conspiracy.
Julian Assange is being held in a UK high security prison for allegedly breaching bail conditions. Precisely for this reason, Great Britain has also kept him in the shelter for millions of pounds in his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy for the past seven years. So far, so obscene and implausible and yet so dangerous for all journalists and the human world. But not only the WikiLeaks publisher is played badly. Rather, one creates a precedent with his arrest, because like Assange, it can go anywhere in the world, investigative reports, brings to light the crimes and dirty secrets of the powerful to show the world the truth.
Caitlin Johnstone warns urgently:

An example will be made of Assange. If we accept that Assange is being treated like a felon, distracting us from trivial details about his alleged characteristics and cat, we enable unscrupulous world leaders to silence the truth.

And we are still being told that this circumstance has something to do with an alleged breach of bail conditions and a US extradition request for alleged computer crime involving a maximum penalty of five years. If you step back and listen to the less well-informed chatter of the blatant propagandists and the brainwashed normal consumers of Western mass media, you also hear: People believe it has something to do with Russia and rape allegations. Really?! Who sees the costs and the effort, for the watch, and compares at the latest then see that it is about what is not to be pronounced in public. It's much bigger than just rape, the power elite has been exposed and their machinations have been made public.
Ecuador had granted Assange asylum at the embassy in London for almost seven years. However, since Lenin Moreno took office as president two years ago, the country is making a 180-degree turnaround and seeking rapprochement with the United States. For months, Ecuador and the US have negotiated the case of Julian Assange. President Moreno had only one condition that Assange in the US not threaten the death penalty. But it looks much more likely that the US has helped new President Moreno to come to Assange and have an ally in Equador, at the head of the government.


free assange for free spech

In the course of the arrest also the wider environment of Wikileaks seems to be in the focus. The three recent arrests of prominent activists from the whistleblower scene, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Ola Bini, represent a frontal attack on press freedom. On April 11, 2019, when Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London The police in Quito have a friend of his: Ola Bini, a 37-year-old Swede, is a software developer and a friend of Julian Assange. For six years Bini lives in Ecuador. The prosecution now accuses him of attacking the IT system of Ecuador. In an arrest trial in May 2019, the prosecutor's office names the possession of computers, English books and his knowledge as the world's leading encryption expert as evidence of his act. Also in the indictment, the Panorama and SZ is present, no evidence is listed. The UN Human Rights Commission criticizes the approach "because it appears that the charges against Mr Bini are related to his friendship and support of Julian Assange" and demands evidence. The government says Ola Bini visited Julian Assange at the embassy more than a dozen times and rented an expensive server.
Ola Bini is sleeping in the prison on a cardboard box on the floor. At times he had to share a one-person cell with five inmates. Panorama and SZ reporters met Bini in a courthouse in Ecuador. He does not understand why he was arrested, he says. "What's behind when the president goes out and calls me a hacker," Bini asks. "Both the President and the Minister of the Interior have publicly spread lies about me."

Julian Paul Assange is an Australian political activist, investigative journalist, former computer hacker, programmer and spokesperson for the WikiLeaks disclosure platform, whose goal is to make classified documents widely available. As far as Wikipedia to Assange. The WikiLeads founder had made it his mission to publish explosive topics, as he saw it as a public interest, which has the population of the earth.

Julian Assange is accused of receiving and publishing classified information, including the so-called "Collateral Murder" video of an American air strike on Baghdad in 2007. In the video, soldiers shoot at more than 10 people. They aim for helpers and hurt children. Among the dead were two unarmed journalists from the Reuters news agency who were there.
The following video shows a group of civilians being killed from an Apache with 30mm machine guns. Among them the deaths of Reuters journalists. The event took place in Baghdad on July 12, 2007. You can see the shot from the point of view of the shooter in the Apache helicopter. The US military says the victims died in a battle between US forces and insurgents. However, the pictures show something completely different. They were unknowingly and cold-bloodedly murdered from the air with machine gun fire. Even hurried helpers in a minivan trying to recover the injured are attacked from the air and shot. Two children sitting in the vehicle are also seriously injured. A US Army tank rolls over the scattered corpses later and the crew even laughs. This video, which was to be kept secret by the Pentagon, was leaked to Wikileaks. Wikileaks encoded this video and made it available to the whole world.


On 4 October 2016, the internet platform WikiLeaks celebrated its 10th anniversary

This and other videos and other explosive and secret documents and emails have been published by WikiLeads. On October 4, 2016, the internet platform WikiLeaks celebrated its 10th anniversary (the link is a possibility to visit WikiLeads again). Over a period of 10 years, WikiLeads has published over 10 million documents on corruption, war and environmental crime, and human rights violations by various governments, corporations, and institutions.

There are about 3000 documents that WikiLeaks has published per day. The Top 10 publications include "The Guantanamo Act," which documents the systematic and regular use of force against the Geneva Conventions, and the detention of 800 detainees between the ages of 14 and 89 at Guantanamo Bay. US President Barack Obama promised when he took office in 2009 that he wanted to close Guantanamo.

"The Iraq and Afghanistan War Protocols" show the true numbers of civilian casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They are the largest and most detailed records of war crimes in our time. It includes the ill-treatment and use of torture of detainees by the police and the military.

"The Minton Report" shows how the Dutch company Trafigura spread extremely toxic environmental substances in Côte d'Ivoire, poisoning 108,000 people. An interim injunction prevented publication of the report by the British Guardian and the BBC. But WikiLeaks published this report.

"The Collateral Assassination" is a secretly classified US military video showing the killing of 18 people in Iraq from an armed US helicopter, including two Reuters journalists and rescue workers. The US soldier and whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison by a US military court for the distribution of these secret military documents.

The secret files about Bhopal's Dow Chemical reveal the inner workings of the private intelligence company Stratfor. On December 3, 1984, one of the worst chemical disasters ever happened in Bhopal, the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, killing many thousands of people in the immediate aftermath. In a plant of the US chemical company Union Carbide Corporation, formerly Dow Chemical, emerged due to technical breakdown several tons of toxic substances. To date, sufferers and survivors suffer, but neither the Indian state nor the US group take the responsibility. Whistleblower Jeremy Hammond revealed the criminal machinations of Stratforund Dow Chemical, but was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment.

TPP, TTIP and TISA, the "three big T's" are the main contracts that have been secretly worked out and negotiated without adequate democratic control. WikiLeaks has published the documents, causing protests all over the world. In Germany alone, more than 300,000 people took to the streets in September demonstrating against TTIP and CETA.

Among the other leaks include the wiretapping scandal by German Chancellor Angela Merkel by the NSA. The spying on of Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the use of 20 target points in the selector list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Joschka Fischer in his term of office from 1998 to 2005. WikiLeads has brought us many people as secret information that helped us the situation and the events to see in the world with different eyes and to see the truth behind the news!


free assange demo wikileads ceo could be delivered to the usa with just a court order...Today, however, the person in prison who has shown and published the atrocities sits in the prison and has brought to light several e-mails and information in order to put the world's leaders to work. But those who are responsible for the deeds are free and accuse those who published these deeds. Julian Assange, who was persecuted after a long hard work because of his platform and publications, and who then spent nearly 7 years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with asylum rights, now sits in prison, as a spy and traitor, but not as the has fought for justice and free journalism. If you are arrested for spreading and publicizing human rights violations and murders of fraud and crimes, and sentenced to death for espionage, then what about those who committed these murders and crimes, or commanded as contractors or commanders for the executors? ? Is reporting and information punishable today and not the act? That's the dangerous thing about this arrest. Freedom of expression and the freelance journalist are pilloried in the person of Julian Assange! We have to prevent that. Freedom for Julian Assange #freeassange and Freihet for a free and independent journalism.

For the delivery of Julian Assange in the US, only a court decision is missing. UN Special Rapporteur Melzer sees the press freedom in danger. But the United States wants to "Wikileaks" small.

Wikileaks: Since 2010 enemy of the US administration

For the American military and American intelligence agencies, the release was a disaster because the video is one of thousands of secret US documents leaked to Wikileaks and published by the disclosure platform. Since then, the US has been putting pressure on Assange and its fellow combatants.

"It's time to finally call Wikileaks what it is: A hostile, non-state intelligence agency," said CIA's then-current US Secretary of State and current US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, denouncing Wikileaks's protection of press freedom. When the Swedish justice system began investigating rape charges against the WikiLeaks chief, the native Australian fled to the Embassy of Ecuador in London in 2012. After seven years in self-imposed exile, Ecuador recently canceled Assange's asylum. A lawsuit against him in the US has become more and more likely ever since.

The whole world is watching as Julian Assange is being treated. It does not matter how much everyone is influenced by propaganda or how much everyone likes this man, Julian Assange personally or not, you watch what happens. But everyone who sees them learns only a lesson from it.

This lesson is: Never to do things that are remotely equal to what Julian Assange did - otherwise the same fate will strike you.

This is the true goal of the prosecution and arrest of Julian Assange, and it not only concerns an Australian publisher in a British prison cell, nor is it merely aimed at the investigative journalists worldwide, who are still interested in the lost art, with whom the powerful persevere Journalism can be held accountable. No, it affects every person in the world who consumes news media!

UN Special Envoy Melzer visited Assange in London in May. For three hours, doctors examined Assange in Melzer's presence. Her diagnosis: Julian Assange shows all the symptoms of psychological torture.

Here is an interesting interview which RT conducted with Julian Assange in the Embassy of Equador.

The intimidation of whistleblowers and people who publish leaks threatens that the truth for our entire species is no longer behavioral. Then the decision about our fate is left entirely to the whims of the most powerful, which you can already see in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Co. Contributions are censored, deleted and authors and people are abused and referred to as conspiracy theorists, and by the platform operators, at the request of the government (world leaders), in the platforms, limited in time, completely blocked or completely deleted the profile and blocked the user for a new application and thus excluded.

Is that what we want?   #freeassange