We can not tolerate censorship of scientific skepticism!

This very factual and interesting video by Naomi Seibt was deleted on YouTube after only 12 hours. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to express our opinion through the Internet Enforcement Act.Where should the censorship still bring us, if no opinion may be gasified? Naomi Seibt Klimawandel ist alles nur eine Lüge?We have no climate catastrophe we have a problem with the environment, our consumption and the garbage by the throwaway society. It must not come to total censorship in the net , if we are want to talk free. Be activ andnsearch for all information by yourself....

The video now on faceblogs.eu We are free of censorship as long as they let us!

Censorship of scientific skepticism is really the most embarrassing and shocking thing one can do to science ...
Our climate obeys a highly complex system of effects, as defined by nature. The driving force behind this climate system is the sun. Such a complicated structure can not be static. It is permanently subject to natural fluctuations. There is a little warming after the Little Ice Age which has nothing to do with a Kloima catastrophe, but after a cold period of the earth, is completely normal.

Several years ago, a commentator from the influential Boston Globe wrote:

„I want to say that we have reached a point where it is impossible to deny global warming. Denial of warming should be put on a level with deniers of the Holocaust, those deny the past, these deny the future.“ 

In Germany, it was the Greens, which indignant years ago in a request to the federal government, whether they knew that "climate deniers" in the rooms of the Bundestag should speak.
Are you a "climate denier"? Let this word, regardless of the falsehood (meaning, of course, climate change deniers), please melt on the tongue. "Klimaleugner", does not that sound like "denier"? This would probably answer the question of the heading for some of the "climate savers": Yes, that does indeed take for some who are unable to give their lives a different meaning when there are no whales that could be saved religious features. The game with the word is very well possible in Germany, and so some terms and contexts are created quickly to deter others to take care of the thing or idea. Usually so absurd terms as conspiracy theorists or Reich citizens are sold in the media with half-truths as a message to denigrate andersdenke, to put in a drawer with the term NAZI and prevent others from even wanting to think about it. But if, as in the case of Naomi Seibt, a person makes thoughts and with vouchers that can be found freely on the Internet, makes a video and the relationships between CO2 and the climate to represent the video just deleted and prevents it spreads , The truth about climate change should not be disguised so quickly. Now it happens, however, that people are not deterred from expressing their opinions and they try again and again to upload the video. Naomi Seibt has tried this on her Youtube channel, on the channel of her mother after the deletion without success. Only when the wave of indignation became too big again, the video has been released.

The Internet enforcement law is the death trap, for all of us, to express the opinion freely and with the upload filters it is even harder to upload anything into the internet which is not desired !?

Hardly any topic has ever caused so much uncertainty as global warming. Because climate research has a weak point that distracts from the core problem. Climate change is omnipresent. Be it that politicians at large conferences try to define solutions and strategies together. Or there are new measurements that show that the ice melts at the poles. And even if the media does not report on the topic, it is always there: the fear of the consequences of global warming.

"Scary as in a science fiction film," said UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon 2007, the climate report of Valencia. On 23 pages, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) described the possible future scenarios of the earth. Should the temperature continue to rise, threatened among other things